Welcome to the Ark Invaders Gaming Community for XBOX & Windows 10 PC Crossplay. We are still a fairly fresh cluster with ALL 12 maps, 2 Supporter Maps (with active perks), 1 PVP Event Map for Team Events, and 1 FULL TRANSFER PVP Map in Season 2. We public launched June 25th, 2022, but already over 525+ members. We provide amazing Starter Packs with a bonus tame each month, November being a bonus max level Maewing. We have a fully built discord, admin BBS shop, a donation reward shop, fully customized drop loot including bosses! Each map has specific creature spawn adjustments, like CI has Rock Drakes + Active World Events.

Come join us on an adventure to build our community up from the ground and get a desired spot you may not be able to get on another cluster! We also have discord games and a lot of expansions planned so come be part of the first as we build up! We have an active and friendly admin team who try to be around at all hours and team position possibilities. We aren't going anywhere, all maps are stacked on runtime with 300+ days or more.

⬤ 〔 Ark Invaders PVE Cluster 〕 ⬤ ➜ XBOX & WINDOWS 10 CROSSPLAY ➜ ALL 12 MAPS + 1 Supporter Fjordur + 1 PVP Fjordur. ➜ Starter Packs + Special Rock Drake For August. ➜ All Drops/Bosses Customized ➜ No Cryo-Sickness ➜ Level 300 Dinos ➜ Flyer Speed Leveling ➜ NO WIPE CLUSTER •150 Tame Limit •20 Man Tribes •6x Harvest •3x Experience •60x Hatching •50x Maturation •6x Taming •0.5x Passive Taming Interval •Default Player Level: 190 Max •15 Min Imprint •4x Imprint Multiplier •Mating Intervals (RNG from 33 Minutes up to 90 Minutes) •1.8x Slower Spoilage •5x Fishing Loot •3x Slower Fuel •50x Crop Growth •Crops Decay 50% Less Quickly •0.5x Egg Laying Multiplier •25x Platform Limit •3x Oxygen Swim Speed •2x Wild Food Drain •1.5x Custom Recipes Effectiveness •0.5x Structure Resistance (half damage) •1.25x Imprinting Stat Bonus •Less Player Fall Damage •Active World Events For Colors

⬤ Other Settings ⬤ •Daily Restarts at 2AM PST •1.5 Hour Corpse Decay •Ab Flyers Enabled •Ab Allows All Tames •Adjusted Day & Night Cycles •Anyone Can Imprint In a Tribe •Auto Engrams When Leveling (Except Tek)

  • Tek Auto Unlocks: Dedi, Rep, Trans, Trough and Gen. •Boosted Player Stats •Boosted Tame Creature Level Up Stats •Cave Building Enabled •Cave Flyers Enabled •Flyer Carry Enabled •Flyer Stamina Recovery •Gen Part 1 Flyers Enabled •Gen Part 1 Tek Suit Enabled •No Structure Collision •No Tribe Wars •No Raid Feeding •Non-Perm Diseases •Structure Pickup •Max Uploaded Creatures: 50 •Max Uploaded Items: 100 ➜ Adjusted Creature Spawns On Maps ➜ Rock Drakes of Crystal Isles ➜ Magma, Wyverns, Deins, Reapers, Drake Eggs can all be found at server highest (level 450!)

⬤ Community Benefits/Other ⬤ ➜ Server Rules On Discord. ➜ Active Admins and Support (doesn't mean instant) ➜ Community Centers (in progress) ➜ Element Transfers With Soap ➜ Stack Mods ➜ Admin BBS Shop ➜ Donation Supporter Shop •Everything Can Be Earned Without Supporting •25% Cheaper Hexagon Store •1.5x Hexagon Rewards Increased •Faster Hair Growth •Greater Raft/Boat Building •Immediate Offline Raid Protection •Leeds Do No Damage •Quicker Resource Respawn •No Spawn Animation •Slower Player Food & Water Drain •Turrets/Spikes Allowed On Saddle Platforms •Boosted Mutagel/Mutagen Harvesting on Gen2 •Unlimited Mindwipes, Taxidermy Bases, Canvases, Shag Carpets, etc. •Discord Games & Community For More Than Just Ark. •Occasional Events + Boss Fights Often •Waterless Recipes •1 Egg Type Kibble Recipes (Extraordinary is 1 Egg+1 Fiber)

⬤ Decay Timers ⬤ •Thatch: 7 Days •Wood: 14 Days •Adobe: 14 Days •Stone: 21 Days •Metal: 28 Days •Greenhouse: 26 Days •Tek: 35 Days •Creatures: 14 Days •Uploaded Creature Expiration: 4 Days (345,600 Seconds) •Uploaded Item Expiration: 4 Days (345,600 Seconds) •Uploaded Player Expiration: 10 Days.