The Basics

⤳ Got a custom bot, Noggin ♡ ⤳ Secure server ⤳ 30 free name colors , 85 optional roles ⤳ Lots of media, memes, music, streams, venting, debates, quotes, QOTD, etc. ⤳ Creativity & Art channels to show off your art ⤳ Giveaways and Events! ⤳ SFW currency to purchase one of our 45+ special hierarchy roles. ⤳ Self-created introductions coded to work with roles ⤳ 95+ cute emotes with some additional NSFW emotes ⤳ Multiple SFW & NSFW roleplay channels ⤳ Selfies, chat posts and intro deleted upon leaving

The Galleries

⤳ Real-life member teases ⤳ Real-life member nudes ⤳ Show and tell channel to show off your ' toy ' collection ⤳ Ddlg, petplay and BDSM (both hardcore & softcore) NSFW images. ⤳ Kink discussions for others to talk about their kinks ⤳ NSFW voice-chat channels for a fun time. ⤳ NSFW Self-Promotion channel to advertise on. ⤳ Lewd-bot self-hosts millions of images and gifs ⤳ Images and Gifs can also be sent by the lewd-bot in private