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Mostly trying to find chill people to hangout around with but we have like anime, gaming, nsfw, creepy stuff and other's on here, be nice to other individuals and don't be a jabroni but thanks for reading.
Hey! This Is A Gaming Server. We Have Over 50 Members Right Now! Rule #1. No Dirty Pics Rule #2. No Spam Rule #3. No Bulling Thanks For Reading This
Hentai server to unleash your horny desire. Talk to other fellow Horny Weebs. We got erp and hentai bots. Talk to others about your favourite hentai,
Server for people who want to play the new World War Z game together!
server fortnite c'est la team teamjaimeleveau venez voir stp
A server based around fandoms of all shapes and sizes. Gaming fandoms, T.V. Show/Movie fandoms, Anime/Manga fandoms, and Book Fandoms. If you like a specific game, TV show, movie anime/manga or book, you can talk about your love for them here and make friends that share the same tastes as you! You might even be able to get suggestions for things you may like! What do you have to lose? Join today!
A medieval RP with a “vast” list of powers and fantasy races! Along with friendly staff and people! Any and everyone is welcome here, so come hop in!
A Discord RP all about Nation building and character building.
This is my new server, come join if you love sexy photos. Artwork role-playing, daddy little and more ;)
this is mostly a smash bros discord but we have other things for other players like pokecord, you also can play other games any game (this server has some NSFW be warned)
Welcome to Pub Life, one of the most relaxed and laid back communities you can find on Discord. We're looking for active, stand out individuals who actually make a difference in a community. We have a zero acceptance polity for toxicity, if you're looking for a casual, drama free server; Then we're the place for you!
We just want friends. We are all lonely people like you with no friends. We have memes, I'm trying to start server events, and I don't @everyone constantly just when it's dead and I change something. So join, it won't hurt... unless you're a snowflake.
Welcome to Cocktails and Dreams, a brand new community server for adults to kick back, relax and have a fun time among others, making friends... and if your lucky, maybe more 😉 We offer many channels, including specific ones for gaming, movies and music, alongside a tonne of server wide games and events, there is even a handful of NSFW channels and roles for you more kinky minded folks. What are you waiting for, this is your invitation... Hit that join button! 😎
I'm looking for role-play partners! No pushy people, don't be a dick and I'll rp with you! 18+ only! A list of all the stuff I will write will be in the server, we'll be roleplaying in DMs, not the server itself
"Join for the lulz, stay for the people." A server built around furries but not made for furries. We are home to a small community that are a bunch of individuals who find likeness in dark humor. But be forewarned, we don't babysit. We all have one thing in common; but you won't know what that is until you join and give it a shot for yourself. We are always growing or shrinking, whatever works best for everyone. Unlike most discord servers, you'll get to know the Owner's.
Hello and Welcome to Galaxy Cafè, This Server Was Founded by Me and my love of Gaming, and Love for my friends. Me (Galaxy) I've tried for more than a year now to make a fun, safe and Reliable Discord Server, And with Some of the best minds I know, we are making that a possibility. We are constantly adding more and more to the server to fit everyone's needs and wants anywhere from Bots to Txt Channels! We are always adding! I'm always open to chat about anything anyone wants. Galaxy Cafè Is a Relationship Based Server. We have both SFW and NSFW Channels. We Also Have A Bunch of Other Things to Offer Like: {••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••} LGBTQ Friendly!!! {••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••} Roleplay Chats~! {••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••} Gaming Chats~! ( Coming Soon!!! ) {••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••} Active/Fun Staff~! {••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••} And Much More~!!! {••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••}
Do you feel like you don't fit in? Are you bad at socializing? Take a few minutes out of your day, and come check out Waifu Nation! Here, we'll welcome you with open arms. Our community is filled with positive, supportive and wholesome users! ^.^ - Active staff. - Wholesome community. - Custom Colours. - Events (coming soon)
Welcome to the world of Erotic Roleplay we welcome whomever that wishes to join. You can, go to the beach, eat, shop, level up or even harass the one maid we have on the server. Whatever it is. We welcome you.
Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
The Chill BDSM Community Discord | Find Friends & Partners | Social | Education Resources
Welcome to a place where you are trying to win my heart OwO( woman only allowed to join) - -Dating (only with the owner) -Chill convos -Dirty convos -I'm a Dominant Person that loves girls that are sub ;) -I'm 17 ( 18 in July 19th) -No Cat-fish allowed I'm a loyal person so whoever wins my heart I will stay forever ~ I live in Virginia so please be realistic (unless you want to travel here then by all means join <3
Some server, I guess. Join if you want, maybe stay a little.
The Hidey Hole, where you can hide away from your responsibilities however you want, collecting Waifu, catching Pokémon, or just with a cool ass group of people to talk to. Grab a shovel and join the Hidey Hole ayy lmao .. 18+
hi, this is malevolent. there’s little to no rules, just don’t break them and you’re fine. 🖤 this is a growing community, and i’m looking to make this a server in which people can converse, make friends, and basically chill without the weight of tons of rules to follow. we’re currently looking for staff as well, and if you qualify for the things we are looking for in a staff member, you’ll be promoted.
This server has 2 sides the surface side and the dark side The surface side is a fun side to hang out with find friends and chill together
Here in Jazz jousting we focus on only the chillest things. no mic spam, that's an important rule. we promise you this server will bring you only calmness and relaxation. we have a levelling system. with ranks and roles up to lvl 80. xp is granted on every minute of Voicechat and chat. we're quite a small community for now but we'll gladly accept everyone, love <3
Welcome to Political Roleplay 2! This is a online political roleplaying server that takes place in the democratic United States of America. Here you can choose and pursue your own political career and change the course of the United States. You can be a senator, diplomat, military official, or even become the president of the United States. It's your path and your choice to make. This roleplay is meant to be as realistic as possible and to be a fun and a learning experience for everyone. History has been the same up until 2016 and the way politics is run in this server is the same as it is in real life. 🇺🇲 1 day in real life equals to 15 days in the roleplay. So presidential elections / 4 years are every 96 days in real life. Midterm elections / 2 years are every 48 days.
Welcome to Politics & Bloodshed! This is a online geopolitical and war simulator that makes you the leader of any country you want in a certain era that the server may be in. You can play as the United States and be the leader of the free world, or spread Communism world wide as the leader of the Soviet Union. It's your choice to make in this struggle for world domination, will you survive and triumph, or will you be annexed as a province to another nation?
The moon server and its community simply serves as a "social get-together" and executes this in a minimal way.
A NSFW server weirdos to gather and talk about weirdo things. There are a variety of channels to post and chat in such as image posting all sorts of pictures, lewd chatting, or even NSFW categories. Bot Channels include Waifu bot, Tatsumaki, Yui, and more! Come stop by and hang around!
This is a server for those against vaccination, this server is autism friendly and flat earther friendly. We have real and proper debate channels, and discussions channels and voice.
𝚌𝚛𝚢𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚌 is a friendly community server built off close friendships from all different walks of life, we're looking for hot gamer girls with a shoe size of 4 or less, everyone besides simps are welcome to be a part of the 𝚌𝚛𝚢𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚌 family! ╠- Exclusive emotes ╠- Weekly movie nights ╠- Fun bots ╠- Active community ╠- Friendly laid back staff ╠- Fast growing server
Discord Server For League Players all around the globe to unite to hit the holy motherland of ranked Iron
Hey have you ever thought to yourself, man I want to do something but you feel like some people don't let us do that? Well today I have something to tell you im promoting my new server/lounge. our old server got nuked by a group of 10 rogue admins so please help us restore our old former glory we have a verification system to keep people that are bad out. we have a microscopic team of 2 working on the server. we accept all races, beliefs, and other stuff. we have currently 2 games but I plan to extend the amount of games to more. we have a music bot for all your music needs. an nsfw channel for all stuff you might wanna show thats nsfw we have a firm strong belief to keep the community great and normal. The owner is @resonances and we have an assistantant named lucy
Welcome to Snowflake Inc We are an emoji server with a wide variety of nitro emojis Cute emojis included Join & and meet new people to talk to
Reader Beware, this place is only for yanderes! and if you are one then we provide you with a comfy place to rest, and to talk with her people that are called yanderes. Talk about how much you like your love and obessess over them, you can talk about how you are dedicated for them, we truely support you! We suppor tin any manner possible. We understand that being a Yandere can be tough that's why we have dedicated channels for specifically aimed at venting. We also are a loving community of Yanderes hoping to meet others that share the same achetype; Join us what are you waiting for!
A Extreme Right Wing discord server. We raid many left wing discord servers aswell as anti-fa's discords.
An 18+ literate role play server.
Welcome to S a d n e s s. A server for the people who are feeling down. A neighborhood like community with people who care and listen. Our goal here is to save lives and make them easier.
Frosted Forest An old community opening its doors once more. Fun bots (Pokecord, Rythm, Tatsumaki and more!) Mature and welcoming community NSFW channel for those willing to verify (Also includes a section where you can chat with only other verified members) We're planning on starting events back up soon (Movie nights, Cards against Humanity and some others) Meme channels, music sharing and streamer advertising We're also accepting partnerships and applications for a partnership manager. *(Details can be worked out through DMs)* Come join us, make some new friends and have a good time.
pretty lame community filled with some semi-lame people, come join and feed my ego
Ceci est un serveur réservé à la communauté LGBT et aux SEX LOVERS, n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre juste ici: De nombreux channel sont à votre disposition, le discord est divisé en deux parties, d'un côté la partie qui concerne la communauté LGBT et d'un autre côté la partie SEX Lovers. De nombreux vocaux sont à votre disposition afin de discuter entre nous et faire plus ample connaissance. En ce qui concerne la partie "SEX Lovers" , vous pouvez parler de tout ce qui concerne vos fantasme, vos pratiques sexuelles. De nombreux rôles sont à votre disposition afin de vous créer une identité sur le discord. N'hésitez pas à les utiliser afin qu'on puisse vous cerner un peu plus Merci à vous et bienvenue aux nouveaux dans notre communauté !
【N I G H T S W I M M E R S】 We're looking for active members to join our friendly community to socialize with people from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, play games, make new friends and more! Come take a dip! We offer: 》 Chill and supportive community 》 Minecraft Server 》 Banter/Shitposting 》 Cool bots to play with 》 Nsfw channel (18+) for you kinky people 》 Active VC nightly
THE NEW COUNTRY We are a friendly social, community, gaming and art server. Features: ❖Level Up system that unlocks certain perks in the server. ❖Gain exp, rep and level up with Tatsumaki. ❖Tons of fun bots to play with. ❖Talk to AI. ❖Memes. ❖NSFW channels. ❖Anti-Toxicity. ❖Friendly and welcoming to new members. ❖Listen to Music and FM Radio. ❖Share your art and literature. ❖Livestream your gaming and art creating sessions in the server thru screensharing. YES! you heard that right. ❖Open to having partnerships and partnership managers.
Hello and welcome to The Space Station, thank you very much for Taking a look. This station is full of rad things to do with all kinds of different people. In this server YOU get to pick what kind of people you would like to talk with: ~Role Play, Gaming, Smut/Lewd content~ ~In this server we will try our absolute best to keep cool events happening weekly ! ~Join this server knowing that what the members think matters. Also, when you join make sure to read through the guide so we can accurately place you with the kind of people you wish to mingle with !! ~There are many unique leveling systems in the space station, Some that include the ability to use the Station Currency to buy things such as twitch shout outs and all kinds of social media S/O's. Intrigued and want to learn more? Become a member of the Space Station today and find out =)
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