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═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════ Ownership, Coding and Development Community Informational channels available! 120+ Tested bots for display!
A programming community open to everyone. We've members interested in game development, web development, and everything between.
The official Dimini Inc. Discord channel. Server for conversation with Dimini administration, as well as other people who like Dimini.
An old community from Chatango. Average age is around 25. Mix of European and American mainly. Friendly banter. This chat has been going for around 10 years. Anime, Programming, Music. Feel free to come chill here if you're bored.
We're a new community with a wide range of categories! Programming, Hardware, Music, Art, Anime, Roleplay, Making new friends and lots more! Join us today ~
La caverne du développeur est un serveur sur le thème de la programmation regroupant les développeurs (aussi bien novice que expert) pour s'aider et parler entre eux de code (Python, C, C++, Js, Php, Ruby, Java, etc), voir de tout. Le serveur est entièrement accessible après avoir un test qui se révèle être simple pour n'importe quelle personne ayant un minimum de connaissance en programmation.
Você tem interesse em programação, banco de dados, matemática ou tecnologias em geral? Se sim, o CodeHub é o lugar perfeito para você. Entre para ajudar outros membros, ser ajudado ou até mesmo para bater um papo sobre animes! Espero você lá. ;)
Welcome to Coding Core! Our goal is to teach as many people as possible about programming. We have 1000+ people willing to help all around the clock. We also have giveaways, fun challenges, and much more! Are you a streaming trying to grow your community? Maybe you have a discord server but need some extra advertisement. We have a place where you can advertise anything once every 24 hours! So come check us out!
Development discord supporting a variety of programming languages, though with a focus on Roblox Lua. Come to share your creations or ask for help!
We are a friendly and laid back community of people who love technology ranging from networking, programming, Linux, and more.
This server aids in the development of RPG Builder Bot, which allows users to run RPG games through discord, with unique features and custom settings.
SBA proudly hosts the ScotTech Order Center, a place dedicated to developers and consumers. ScotTech is a Model Marketplace system that sells and accepts orders for anything that our developers can create. Developers recieve 100% of what they create and our role as a middleman eliminates the risk of scams.
Olá, bem-vindo ao Quartel General!!! Servidor centrado em: • bate-papo • programação • jogos • arte Link Permanente do Servidor: •
The name means upside down nation. We are a nation of Gamers, Youtubers, Programmers and the fans of Vizzi (youtuber). We together can make awesome stuff and support each other (we allow promotions) while having loads of fun and meeting different people in corners of this world. You may come and join the battle of fun and improvement by joining our server.
hangout to talk with people and maybe some scripting (this server used to be just coding and we still have some coders, i myself am learning how to code)
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program. We currently have channels for: NodeJS Javascript Java C# Python C++ php And more soon! I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
hey feel free to join this discord server , it's all about gaming 🎮 and game development 💻 , you can have fun with your friends and making new ones 🤷♂️ , chatting 💬 , memes 😂, giveaways 🎁 , funny bots 🤖 , you can also advertise anything there like a Youtube video or discord server.. 📈, so feel free to join this small growing community and have fun!
Discord Server von mir, AstroGD. Ich bin ein deutscher Entwickler und programmiere tools auf Github und arbeite an unterschiedlichen Projekten. Komm vorbei und schau rein ^^ Discord Server of AstroGD. I am a german developer developing tools on github. I am also working on other projects. Come on in - I have cookies ^^
⌠Welcome To Elysium⌡ We are a community focused around programming and security. We have over 200 members and are still growing to this day. We also have a partnership program for those interested! ⌠Information⌡ • 200+ Members • 3 User-Earnable Roles • A laid-back partnership program • Helpful and active staff team • Areas focused on coding/security • Voice channels for you to talk to your fellow devs
En İyi Türk Discord Sunucularından birisi 2016 den beri buradayız!
Sage Code is a research laboratory for computer languages and information technology. Our members are students and freelancers who wish to learn new computer languages. We have programming classes for HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Python, Java, Rust, Go, C, D, Julia and new emerging languages like Bee and Eve. After training you can take one exam and join our team. Then you can contribute to our research projects to gain more experience or you can create your own. After you get familiar with our activity you can become an instructor and publish training articles and video lectures on our website.
I’m a Software Engineer, Game Developer, Streamer, Artist, and much more… Here you can find information about me and the things I do.
🚀 | Uma comunidade para sua diversão e para esclarecimento de dúvidas tanto sobre programação como de design. Espero que goste : )
o R0BI0X, é um Servidor aonde todos os Exploiters do Brasil possam se encontrar, tanto divulgando Scripts Pagos ou Grátis, até Divulgando Seus Exploit. de todo jeito você pode ter a Chance de conhecer outros Exploiters.
Come join us! We are a public Discord server and we love to discuss the hottest technologies and showcase our work!
Searoam Roblox Modification Client support server!
A game for Nintendo Switch in development by BadToxic. It's about collecting and beating mini games, developing them by gaining experience while playing them and mastering them all. It allowes local and online coop and vs multiplayer.
OWorkshop is a community dedicated for workshop developers, testers & players. We have lots of things like workshop code sharing, workshop developement, leveled roles & alot more awesome features for the overwatch custom gamemode enthusiasts.
The official Discord server for Corgi Stack 3D.
Our server is mostly focused on Computer Science(Programming, System Administration, hacking and so on...), and Japanese Culture(Anime, Manga, Idol stuff). We are still somewhat new, so hopefully you'll stick around. Hope to see you there!
Plugin Dev Theme Park Welcome to Plugin Dev Theme Park! We are a server that help out our fellow Minecrafter's for FREE setting up a server or help them create a plugin.
Unofficial Django Discord server by Django developers for Django developers.
**Welcome to Discord Bots Central** (DBC) DBC is a community heavily focused around programming filter bots. You can get you own bot added, and have channels for support, advertising and testing. We currently have coding roles and channels for `discord.js`, ``, `JDA` and `Eris` with many more to come! ~~ ~~ 🔰 Receive the proper resources, tips and advice for starting programming. 🔧 Receive support for a variety of languages (self-assignable roles) 📈 Advertise and test your bot in our channels 🛡 Find the perfect bot for your server 📩 Request and receive custom bots for your server, developed by verified, experienced developers 👥 A fun, code based community for you to chill in. ~~ ~~ ` Looking for Staff, Managers, Partners, Developers, and members looking looking for a epic community`
Dreamsee est une association (en cours de déclaration), un groupe de projets, un groupe de personnes talentueux sur Internet et plus.
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Discord server for
hello there! are you new in exploit community? well here is your place where we can teach you about exploits and know about exploit stuff in here you can find: -cool scripts -backdoors -and MORE!
Türk Sunucudur. Botlarınızı paylaşabilir. Hem de Kod Paylaşabilirsiniz!!! **KOD PAYLAŞIMI İÇİN** ** BOT YÜKLEMEK İÇİN **
In this server, we hope to bring all walks of life from within the information security industry together, to chat and learn from eachother!
Volfase company official discord server.
The Unofficial Free Pascal server is a programming oriented server mainly for Free Pascal and the Lazarus IDE. We also have other programming language channels too. We are always up for suggestions that will improve the server!
Le serveur support du Bot Discord Atlanta ! Ce bot est Multifonctions et propose plus de 70 commandes ! Sur ce serveur vous trouverez aussi plein de programmeurs qui pourront vous aider en code ! Rejoignez nous !
Ever Growing Coding server, supports a lot of coding. This Server Has: - Python - JavaScript - PHP - MySQL - SQL - PHPmyAdmin - HTML - CSS - Java - Rust - Kotlin - Skript - Swift - C - C# - C++ - Ruby - QB64 You can hire people that are in these areas above, make a group and create a project, get some help in a specific coding language.
Le serveur Discord d'un futur serveur Minecraft !
Official Q24Host discord server
We are a community for developers, designers and builders. Join now! :)
Thermal is open-source desktop application allows you to manage all Git repository at one place by providing you a simple to use graphic user interface with built-in features commits, history, repository settings and more.
Here you can download my application.
Modded Lobbies is a fun and safe place for anyone of all ages to hangout. This server is: - Safe! We have a great moderation team and staff who ensure the rules are followed. - Friendly! Unkind users are not appreciated. - Fun! With levelling system, music, experienced/veteran users along with beginner users just getting started. Categories? We mostly cater to Gaming, Hacking, Glitching, Lag Switching and General Discussions. The main Game that is discussed right now is Fortnite however all games are allowed and with enough demand we will add new channels for specific games. Our original server was over 800+ users before it was deleted. Our new one has 250+ users and counting! Invite:
Hi we are a group of developer and overwatch fans. Our goal is to develope some awsome Overwatch Worshop game modes for the overwatch player community. On the server you can get some help for your own stuff and support. For the Overwatch Worshop. If you have some ideas or found some bugs, feel free to share them!
A small community of IT enthusiasts discussing a wide variety of IT topics. We also have dedicated rooms for memes, creative work, sharing projects, games and talking about tech horror stories.
Hello there, Echelon and Paradoxums ( its a pretty tricky reference, I know) is a very new server dedicated mainly towards people with interests relating to computers, animes, game and science. The server is pretty small now but I hope that you will enjoy your time here. Anyone is welcome to join and have a talk and share their experiences or do anything fun and engaging!! It is very small but your support can help us grow
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