Muzzled Fox, a gag&bdsm bot was made public.

Muzzle Fox is a gag bot that allows members to play out their fantasy being gagged, transforming their normal post to 'Goy wikef being here' gagged ones. Gag levels: faux, loose, severe,extreme, nucleus,drone, puppy,kitty, pony,piggy,dinosaur, sheep,bird, cow,squeaky, paci, mute Additionally it allows setting up a custom name&avatar to be used for the gag, so can use nsfw as avatar for the gag while keeping your user avatar clean. So can use your favorite drone avatar for the gag posts with the name Drone #6 :3 Besides gag s, there are other bdsm commands too that should make rp-ing a bit interesting.

Originally the bot was only for the server but do to request that others wanted to use it, a public version was released. You can find the link to this bot in our link channel.