The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed Discord community with plenty of headpats to go around.
We're a new 18+ server hoping to offer a mature, relaxed and friendly community to our members. Whether you join for porn, looking for a dom/sub, or to talk to new members, we'll have something to offer you!
🍓 Aftercare is strictly 18+ 🍓 Level 3 boosted · Over 11,000 members · DDLG, Petplay, BDSM, Gaming. If you're over 18 and into kink, come hang out!
Adult furry community server centered around bdsm, master-slave, chastity, femboy, diaperfur, cock-ball and other kinks under the same umbrella. Lets talk about our kinks and desires not just limited to arts and roleplay but to in real life activity and lifestly. We support Zeemaping our members for those who want to share their location to find after dark fun.
Hello! We are Eclipse, an 18+ BDSM server centered around community. We are new, but eager to grow and become a safe and happy space for all kinky people! We offer: ♡ BDSM ♡ A separate NSFW category ♡ A selection of 20 roles to let us know who you are! ♡ A tidy space for you to discuss and kink away to your hearts content ♡ Friendly faces ♡ Hypnosis ♡ Petplay ♡ DDLG ♡ Edgeplay ♡ Much more! We hope to see you here ♡♡
Our goal is to provide a kinky, wholesome, safe atmosphere here for folks into BDSM and the like. We strive to build and maintain a fulfilling, protected online community for all those who seek a place safe and fun to learn, discover, expand on, and share their kinky side. We boast over 100 members at the moment and active staff! We are a safe, friendly environment: no kink-shaming, no bullying, no racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist remarks, and anything remotely related to any of those. This is a place to be your natural, wholesome, kinky self. So cum join us today!
A BRAND NEW 18+ SERVER! A tight-knit, safe space for DDLG/Petplay/etc! Come and enjoy a friendly, wholesome environment & chat with other adults in the BDSM community! Come and play with us~
We are mainly a kink server witch covers DD?LG,AB/DL,pet play, hyponsis,furrys,my little pony, anime, food, bdsm, video game's ,ect...and all diffent types of fun stuff.
Deutscher DDLG fokussierter Kink/Fetisch Server mit LGBTQ+ Support uvm!
A Server for Daddies, Mommies, Owners and Caregivers to find naughty littles to roleplay with! Currently, we are not accepting any new littles/Subs. Only Doms and Switches.
A server where master and pet meet, to go on grand lewd adventures! At Pet Play Paradise We have everything the pet and master needs, or is looking for! Adopt pets, talk about pet gear, collect candy and join fun events! Here you can do it all! Join Us! ~Mew.
Welcome to Magical Little's Mountain!! We are a 16+ CGL server! We have a lot of roles, chats, and magical creatures. We are still growing and would love for you to join! We welcome everyone so come and join and boost your magical powers and wisdom!!
Open and fun community based around lameness and cute kinks. Multiple languages, bots and open for partnership. ✨✨✨
A pet play server that centers around the community and common interest, we have SFW sections for the underaged and required verification for the NSFW contents for your own safety. We have dedicated staff to keep everyone safe and happy and a lovely growing community that welcomes anyone who joins, drop by and say hi!
This is a server to get hypnotised to be transformed.
Bdsm kink server
A structured, safe, & fun consent-based online home focusing on Erotic & Recreational Hypnosis with a positive social polyamorous atmosphere for healthy, omnisexual, mature, intuitive, and adaptive adults, kinksters, furries, and LGBTQIAP individuals to connect via Voice, Text, or Group Sessions. The server emphasizes Public Play, Power Exchange, Planned Events, Casual Trance, Open Trigger Use, Roleplaying, BDSM, & more, with a variety of affectionate, romantic, sensual, sexual, creative, hypnotic, and primal activities. Members are free to express themselves within the confines of our rules, which are in place and constantly reviewed to strictly maintain the vision of our server and ensure the protection of all our members; everyone can be themselves here so long as they respect our rules.
Welcome to Mind-Petting Zoo, the 18+ Petplay Hypnosis community! We offer a bunch of things, such as! 🐾 A lot of different pet roles 🐾 Specific channels for owners and pets 🐾 Trance voice and text channels for groups and 1-on-1s 🐾 Plenty of NSFW 🐾 Lots of pets, pats and the such! 🐾 A friendly staff and community
A safe space for those who enjoy petplay and ageplay alike, where you can meet others in the community and make friends. 18 + ONLY!!!
A community for pets and their owners.
Petplay United is an 18+ community for all aspects of Petplay! We want to encourage active participation and conversation in the community and help spread knowledge/enjoy the hobby together <3 There's also a cult.
Comunidade para maiores de 18 anos, simpática e acolhedora, que recebe daddies, mommies, babies, littles, middles e pets.
We are a young, growing server dedication to providing a place for littles and their caregivers to come together in a safe community, to express themselves, explore, and most of all, to have fun! ***All users verified and 18+*** -RP Channels -All kinds of fun roles -Color roles! -LGBTQIA+ Friendly -Voice Channels! -Gaming channels! -Minecraft Realms - bedrock and java!
A new nsfw server, we have channels for all kinds of kinks (and you can suggest more) and a space for sex workers to share ttheir content.
• The Night Void • 18+ • ⊱━━━━━━━━━.⋅ ★ ⋅.━━━━━━━━━⊰ Our server has: ▸ SFW / NSFW channels. ▸ An Adult oriented community. ▸ Active, Fair, and Easy to Talk to Staff. ▸ Channels for Personal + NonPersonal Art. ▸ Self Assignable Roles for flair + personality. ▸ Self Promotions for streams, art, sales, etc. ▸ Giveaways, Events, Freebies, and Raffles! ▸ Premium Waifu and Carl bot for all the fun. ▸ Easy Age Verification for the adult channels. ⊱━━━━━━━━━.⋅ ★ ⋅.━━━━━━━━━⊰
Thot Kingdom is a server where the kinky, the kinkless, and the unsure get together, get along, and have fun! We welcome everyone from everywhere. We hope you enjoy your stay in our kingdom
The Pet Park is a server for pets, handlers, and people who want to get into petplay! We welcome all types of pets, in all shapes and sizes 💜
We are a BDSM/Kink based server that offers a nice friendly community to anyone who joins, LGBTQ+ & Furry Friendly, Respectful Ambiance & Cute emojis!