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Fan-ran passion project between two friends who love Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights! We discuss the event and stay up-to-date with the latest news! We also welcome all kinds of other discussions from general Horror/Halloween discussions to talk of other Haunted Attractions!

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Fan-ran passion project between two friends who love Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights! We discuss the event and stay up-to-date with the latest news! We also welcome all kinds of other discussions from general Horror/Halloween discussions to talk of other Haunted Attractions!

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Celebrating 30 Years! - Oct. 23rd, 2020 Updates!


Hello and Happy Halloween all! Server owner Gummi here with the current updates and announcements with the Universal Horror Nights Discord server! As of this upcoming Oct. 25th it will mark the 30th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights and we'd love to invite all of you lovely folks to celebrate with us!!

TL;DR - We haven't changed a whole lot of things since our last update and adjustments post however-- / We have added a few more emojis like the Bear from the Scary Tales maze, Freddy from the Freddy vs. Jason maze, & past scrapped event icons Cindy and Terra Queen / We have decided to make use of the Followable announcement channels by making the Universal Park Updates Published messages show up in general channel and the Halloween Horror Nights Updates Published messages show up in the HHN-Chat, this is to ensure the most valuable and substantial news gets seen by as many folks as it can! / As stated previously it's going to be the 30th anniversary of the Halloween Horror Nights event and we humbly and happily invite everyone to come on by! Whether you know the event or not, if you just enjoy anything spooky/scary, Halloween/Horror-related, or anything along those lines then please feel free to come through!

  • Honestly since the last from the last weekend not a whole lot has been adjusted or reworked, we've been mostly focusing on tiny things and have been ensuring we are giving back to the community in some way. This said we have added a few things we think will help!
  • We have added 4 new emojis since the last post this includes: Bear from Scary Tales, Freddy from Freddy vs. Jason, and two of the original Event Icons for Universal Orlando before they got ultimately scrapped which is Cindy and Terra Queen.
  • Followable channel Universal-Parks-Updates Published messages will now show up in the general channel and the HHN-Updates followable channel will now have it's Publishes messages show up in HHN-Chat. This is to ensure that as many people can peek the most valuable and substantial news! At the moment with the pandemic, the Published messages have been consisting of Universal Orlando's Park Hours, HHN's behind-the-scenes looks and recipes. We also recently received word of a Universal Beijing Resort happening soon so that's exciting!
  • Finally, as of this upcoming Sunday Oct. 25th it will mark 30 Years of the existence of the Halloween Horror Nights event! Co-Owner Slayed and I both invite everyone to come through if they wish and celebrate! It's a celebration for not only the event but for theme parks, Halloween and Horror in general, and so much more!!

Thanks for reading and hope you all have been having a safe and happy Autumn season! Best regards!

Announcements & Updates - Oct. 15th, 2020

Hello, hello everyone! Server Owner Gummi here with some big announcements and your semi-regularly scheduled updates/adjustments for the server! Co-Owner Slayed and I are excited for the big things we have in the making!!

TL;DR - In about a week or two's time (Oct. 25th) it will OFFICIALLY be Halloween Horror Nights' 30th anniversary! / We hit Nitro Boost Tier 1! Because of this we have a new server splash background which are a bunch of pumpkins which can be seen displayed in the current HHN 2020 Tribute store, we also have a temp-animated server icon of the advert when Universal Studios got flipped into the Upside Down! / We will have self-assignable roles up and running tomorrow just in time for the weekend! We have the Event Icons of Orlando, fan-favorite characters from Hollywood, one of Singapore's event icons, and a notable character from one of the Japan mazes! / We have more emojis made and even more coming!

  • On Oct. 25th it will officially be 30 Years of Fear from Halloween Horror Nights! Because of this Slayed and I wanted to do some special adjustments to the server and we of course invite any and all fans of Halloween Horror Nights to come on in and celebrate #HHNForever together!! Even if you just like Halloween/Horror in general we would love to have you all come through and get in the Halloween spirit!!
  • We have officially hit Nitro Boost Tier 1 and do to this we now have an animated server icon and an invite splash! The icon is currently Universal Studios being flipped into the Stranger Things' Upside Down & the invite splash is a wall of pumpkins that can be seen in the current HHN 2020 Tribute Store!
  • As of tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 16th, we will be introducing Self-Assignable roles! Prior we just had a standard/static Member role titled "Nightingales" after one of the mazes. But now that role as well as the Active role will be made the default Discord color so folks can let their role of choice shine! We have many selections to go off of from back when it was called Fright Nights with a "Universal Monsters" role to the Icons of Orlando to HHN Singapore & Japan icons/notable characters, and to fan favorite Hollywood character Hollywood Harry!
  • We have been making more and more emojis as the days go on by! And thanks to the previously mentioned Nitro Boost we have more space than ever to work with now!

We here at Universal Horror Nights hope you all are having a safe and happy Autumn season so far! And hope you've been getting into the Halloween spirit!!

Slight Updates - Oct. 12th, 2020 edition!

Hello, server owner Gummi here with some slight updates and adjustments to the Discord! Keeping up with the promise of being transparent about new adjustments and changes!

TL;DR - We added a new role for those who are active in the chat, this is titled "Frequent Fearers"! It's named after one of the packages you could get for going to the event! / We purged a few channels that are currently unused and shifted around some channel topics, this was to ensure the channels weren't too overwhelming or overlapping with any other channel topics / We posed the question of "What events would you like to see here?" to the community, we're still figuring that out.

  • There have been a handful of users who have been active in the HHN-related channels and the other channels, Co-Owner Slayed and I took notice and figured we'd add a new "Active"-type role and titled it "Frequent Fearers" which coincides with the Frequent Fear/Frequent Fear Plus pass that is actually sold at the HHN events.
  • Co-Owner Slayed and I both have seen some channels getting used more than others as well some channel topics that overlapped the usage of other channels. So we have opted to purge a few channels to prevent overlapping and any confusion.
  • We have posed the question of "What events would you like to see here?" to the community because we wanted to get to know the community a bit more and encourage activity!

That about sums up the changes and adjustments for now. Thanks for checking the page and best regards!

Some Slight Updates as of Oct. 9th, 2020!

Updates as of Oct. 9th, 2020! - Server icon change, followable channels shift, current emoji slot status, & category/channel updates!

TL;DR the server icon has been updated from the retro pumpkin advert to the front of the Orlando Tribute Store during HHN 29 (2019 event), emojis of the Event icons like Jack, The Director, The Undertake, etc. have been added as well some other notable big characters from various houses, there are still 2 followable channels so you can get updates into your own servers one from HHN and the other from Universal Resorts themselves, the "Theme Park" category has been removed and may return in the future but we feel for now until the server grows it's currently unneeded. We will still welcome theme park talk of all kinds though!

Hello, owner of the server here, Gummi! We have made some slight adjustments to the server and for this post we will discuss those slight changes, keeping the promise from the first post! We want full transparency here!

  • The server icon has been changed from the classic retro pumpkin advert that has been used from past events to something a bit more modern, which is the front of the HHN 29 Tribute Store that was in the Orlando park last year. We initially had the pumpkin since it was supposed to be an anniversary year this year. "30 Years 30 Fears" was the name. The pumpkin makes an appearance once again in the merch this year so we figured it was a no brainer to have it for a bit. But now we have changed it!
  • Previously, we had 2 followable channels so folks could get updates from our server to theirs's if they so wanted. We still have that but the channels have shifted slightly. Previously, we had HHN-Updates & Haunt-Season-Updates. Because most Haunts are not happening this year thanks to the pandemic we have shifted that channel in particular to become just Universal Studios oriented until further notice so folks can have updates about the parks (whether it be hours or any other substantial news) right to their server's or be able to read about it at a moment's glance. We usually put Tweets and anything else we can in those channels.
  • We have been working hard on making emojis for the server. It's been a little tough but we're managing! We currently have 29 emoji slots left for static emojis and the full 50 for animated. We have emojis of past event icons like Jack The Clown, The Undertake, The Storyteller, The Director, Lady Luck, and The Usher as emojis. But we also have Stay Puft Man from the Ghost Busters promos for the house, Slimer, Sam from Trick 'r' Treat, Jason Vorhees, the retro pumpkin, and Marvel's Carnage from the Maximum Carnage house in 2002.
  • We previously had a category for all things theme parks but since the server is kind of overwhelmed by channels at the moment and the main focus is on Horror Nights, we have for now just opted to get rid of the category and have the Horror Nights category but the main focus with some casual chat channels thrown into the mix and some Voice Channels with music as an option for one of them as well!

That's all the updates we have for now, thanks again for checking out the server page and once again if there is any updates we have to put in here whether it's server oriented or anything else substantial we will try and make a post here right away!! Have a good day, night, or evening!

We're getting started & set-up!

At the time of making this post, we here at Universal Horror Nights are a small server just getting started! As we update the server we will be sure to swiftly make a post about it here! This will range from server-announcements to potential game nights/events hosted within the server or any other substantial news. We'll try our best to keep the public posted! Until then, thanks for taking a look at our Discord.Me page!

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