Universal Horror Nights

Discord community that is dedicated to the Universal Studios' Halloween premiere event, Halloween Horror Nights. We follow the event's news and any substantial updates. We welcome park-goers and Horror lovers alike to come through.

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Discord community that is dedicated to the Universal Studios' Halloween premiere event, Halloween Horror Nights. We follow the event's news and any substantial updates. We welcome park-goers and Horror lovers alike to come through.

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The Full Lineup of Orlando! - Aug. 8th, 2021

Hello and how do you do? Big things are happening in Universal Orlando! The full lineup has been announced and we couldn't be more excited about it!! Below are all of the houses, scarezones, and liveshows happening in Orlando this September 3rd through October 31st!

Orlando Icon: Jack The Clown Mazes Orlando: (10 total) Beetlejuice The Haunting of Hill House Universal Monsters Bride of Frankenstein LIVES The Texas Chainsaw Massacre HHN Icons Captured Welcome To SCarey Ohio: Horror In The Heartland Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth The Wicked Growth Realm of the Pumpkin Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Scarezones Orlando: (5 total) CryptTV Gorewood Forest Lights, Cameras, Haction: Eddie's Revenge Seek and Destroy 30 Years 30 Fears

Orlando Live Shows: (2 total) Marathon of Mayhem Carnage Factory Halloween Nightmare Fuel

Hill House for HHN! - July 7th, 2021

Keeping up with Halloween Horror Nights' updates and announcements, we now have 2 Houses confirmed for Orlando and 1 confirmed for Hollywood! Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House makes it way to both parks in chilling fashion! We are eager to hear more announcements from Universal! In the mean time, we encourage and invite anyone interested or excited to come through and discuss/speculate further news and updates as they happen!


  • There has been a user-hosted Question of the Day event that's been going on every single day as Halloween Horror Nights' slowly approaches!
  • We added Orlando, Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore Goer self-assignable roles
  • We have added a Custom Sticker and plan on adding more! (it's of Orlando icon The Director!)
  • We have added a few more Emotes as well!

JACK IS BACK! - June 21st, 2021

Recently it was announced that Universal Studios' Orlando would be returning Halloween Horror Nights this year and has been making little announcements here and there such as the Beetlejuice maze returning. But now the Icon of this year's event has been announced to be none other than Jack The Clown! We invite any and everyone to come on through to server to talk about and speculate future announcements!

  • We have updated the server be a more straight-forward channel layout.
  • We have updated the perks of the R.I.P. Tour role (Server Booster role)

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