Clearly, there is interest! Over 200 people have joined from CO and we've had some great conversations so far! Currently working on a better LFG system for gaming and setting up weekly game nights!

For those of you about to join, here is my latest post in #announcements:

#server-selections hosts all selection role options for your interests/games/location info etc (currently over 45 options). Everything is role based, and hitting the corresponding reaction emoji will automatically grant the role for that category and unlock more of the server. This allows a "clutter free" experience while also making sure that everyone is represented!

#requests is where all your suggestions go - in any text channel, just type !suggest <what you want to suggest> and it'll automatically go here to be voted on. This is also where you can check status of requests, if they're being implemented.

#change-log is where all notes will go for changes made to the server configuration.

#?-the-hub is the hub, general chat for everything. Anything can be chatted about - but, if too many separate conversations begin over different topics (like, if six people are talking about wow and five are talking about cryptos, with others chatting about Denver happenings) it might be best to drop down to the chat channel in that game/interests category.

Finally, head over to #?-introductions and introduce yourself, what you play or what your interests are - makes it easier to make some new frends :smile: