Here's a copy of our rules so you can get to know our server better before joining.

  1. Mind The Minors Digital Club is free of abuse and we intend to keep it that way. This space is not age-restricted and as such, YOU MUST consider this when chatting with your fellow clubbers. There is zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior directed at minors and we will ban/report you as violently as possible if we suspect you of doing this. Please feel free to reach out to a @🗝 Keyholder at any time!

  2. Be Chill, Be Respectful The most important rule to keep in mind out of the rest! Don't make things personal and don't take them personally either. This isn't a rule against debating a topic but please keep it respectful. Our main goal in this space is to be positive and nonjudgmental outside of critique channels. If you or someone else is being disrespected, PLEASE talk to a @🗝 Keyholder immediately.

  3. Inappropriate Language is Not Tolerated Keep excessive swearing to a minimum please. On that note, ANY derogatory language directed at other members will not be tolerated and you will receive a warning or ban depending on your behavior.

  4. No Pornographic Material Allowed In line with rule 0, DO NOT send NSFW things in ANY channel. If it can get someone in trouble at work/school for being on their screen, please do not send it. PLEASE spoiler anything that could be misconstrued as porn.

  5. No Advertisements We have channels for creators to plug their work! Don't go spamming it outside of these spaces. Failure to respect this rule will result in warnings and ending up in a ban.

  6. Zero Tolerance For Bigotry ALL bigotry is deeply despised by Digital Club as a whole and will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

  7. Do Not Mention Raids Do not raid the server (duh), and also do not discuss server raiding anywhere on the server.

  8. Direct and/or Indirect Threats Threatening other members with DDoS, general harm, death, doxxing, and other malicious actions will not be tolerated and will result in immediate bans.