| Art | 800+ | Cartoons | Anime | NSFW | Events | Giveaways | Danganronpa | Memes | History |
| Art | 800+ | Cartoons | Anime | NSFW | Events | Giveaways | Danganronpa | Memes | History |
| Art | 800+ | Cartoons | Anime | NSFW | Events | Giveaways | Danganronpa | Memes | History |
Community for artists by artists. Critique the work to get better at the craft. Sharing free resources to grow together. Ages 16+
Don’t miss the fun happening at Club Brick! Currently at 700 members and growing fast! Join us for: ▫️LEGO fan chat ▫️MOC sharing ▫️Buy/sell/trade ▫️LEGO ideas promotion ▫️LEGO emotes ▫️Popular LEGO page feed ▫️Vendor deals/discounts And much more!
The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want you!
WE Design is one of the largest Discord server for creative work (Graphic Design, Programming, Art, etc.)! We offer a friendly community where people of all skill levels can come together. We also offer an marketplace for our members, as well as a place where you can advertise your own work and where you can give and receive feedback.
•Aspect Designs™️• ---------------------------------- —We are— • We are a fastly growing design server made to benefit the customer and provide cheap high quality and reliable products to who joins • ---------------------------------- —Our Products— —Premium CAD/MDT Systems— . OCRP-Cad ~ RES $20.00 . Doj-v2-Cad ~ RES $18.00 . Paradox-v4-Cad ~ RES $17.00 . Web apps/roleplay packages More cheap and affordable CAD/MDT systems as well! ----------------- —Logos/Graphic Designing— . High Resolution Custom Logos . Channel Art . GIF Logos ----------------- —More Products— . Custom Bots . Bot Hosting . Websites . Servers . So Much More! ---------------------------------- —Giveaways— Expect daily giveaways ranging from Mid Range Products to Top tier and even more! :tada: ---------------------------------- https://discord.gg/4ArVBzW https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/649343985843961875/651094935944298516/rainbow.gif
Creative Place for Musicians, Digital Artists, Game Developers, Programmers and Writers.
All about intros
A new global server for artists of all kinds!
Designer Vinyl Art toys
``` ``` 👋 Bonjour petit pandawan 👋 > Laisse moi te présenter le serveur __L’empire panda__ ■ 🤩C’est un serveur alliant Star Wars et les pandas. > 🤔De quel côté sera tu? Panda Lumineux ou Sombre? Voici le serveur en quelques mots : ■🎉Giveaways en folie ■⚔️Guerres entre clans ■🖥Communauté Active ■🔊Salons vocaux de qualités ■🧑‍💻 Staff actif et à l’ecoute ■😨Rôles de folies Voici ton vaisseau d’entrée : https://discord.gg/bab2eat ``` ```
The Audiotool Resource Collective (ARC) We are a group of artists and sound designers Committed to creating legal assets for Audiotool
¡¡¡Bienvenidos al servidor de Graphic Design!!! El servidor todavía sigue en mantenimiento por lo que habrá cambios futuros y constantemente, por lo que no se quedará como está... El servidor recién abre sus puertas para compartirles momentos en el que uno se sienta a gusto estar, ya sea en cualquier canal de texto o voz. Por eso el servidor les brinda diversos canales obviamente tanto de voz como de texto para que se sientan a gusto y un agradable clima. ¿Que canales contiene el servidor? 1- Canal de noticias. 2- Roles semi-automáticos (colores y profesiones de diseño). 3- Roles comerciables mediante un bot (UnbelievaBoat). 4- Bots de música + canales específicos de música para escuchar música 5- Canal para buscar jugadores de juego (No tiene nada que ver con el diseño) Solo para cambiar de aire. 6- Mercado para comprar o vender piezas/productos de diseño. 7- SORTEOS Y EVENTOS: Próximamente
Sparkplug's Discord
PUBG || Apex Rainbow || Six Siege || All in One !
The Official Panzoid Discussion Server
Official D:saster Studios discord, we make, play, and discuss tabletop games!
DesignArt is a design server , we make artworks, logos, intros and some other stuff , get in to know more.
Serveur gaming
Servidor de Factions
A discord server that provides design work to customers. We even do some for free!
School Academy adalah sebuah server Trading Market Terbaik Se-Indonesia... Yang didalamnya memiliki banyak member dan staff yang family frendly :'3
Twitchcord is a BetterDiscord plugin which aims to make Discord look and feel more like Twitch.
a server for jumex stans and those interested in discussing the existence of the deep state also no edating i hate you
Nosso server é um lugar para desenvolver bot de discord e server de minecraft, entre nessa comunidade e ajude nois crescer!
A Royale High server for you!