Discord server for bustlas and hustlas.
Discord server for bustlas and hustlas.
- New, growing community. - Music VC's - Well moderated. - Kind, caring staff. - Bots to interact with. - Different text channels split into different, fun categories. Welcome to our page! The Discord Social Club team focuses primarily on bringing people closer together, and also getting them out of the "boredom zone." So what are you waiting for? Come connect with us! Sincerely, @Sev#5755 - Discord Social Club Administration Team!
-Omni- Chads Only No Moderation Unless you Act Foolish Meet Real Niggas Good Music And People No Liberals Join! Our Server to meet hang out and expand! --------------------------------------- [https://discord.gg/xPCpzgH]
A Smash Bros server where we do online tournaments every 2-4 weeks! We give our winners a chance to make their own role and in the end, everyone has fun. We have nice bots and provide fair rules and rematches. Outside of the tournaments, we have friendly people who enjoy playing the game, and just overall talking to others! I hope you'll join us and participate in our tournaments. We also take suggestions from our members and treat others equally. Have fun!
Special Discord for EUNE League of Legends
📍Fun&Chill, the server were you can come to chill and hangout with others and most importantly having fun. ➡ Our server contains : ■ A Fbc (Fortnightly Build Challenge) for minecraft players. ■ A rpg ( Role Play) Chat with a bot. ■ Self assignable roles. ■ A friendly environment for all genders and sexuality’s. ■ A multiplayer talk. ■ A suggestions channel that welcome time of ideas for the server. ■ Discord Got Talent event ! ▶ We opened the doors to apply for all types of staff from helpers to staff managers and also ad manager.
This server is fun.... This server has been running since Discord came out. We do allot of stuff. Their are more that, 900m members,
Just for chill conversations with people, that's about it.
Wir sind ein deutscher Division Discord. Dieser Discord wurde aus dem Streben gegründet, einen Server zu schaffen, der dem Spiel gerecht wird. Wir haben dabei versucht, alle Features die uns auf anderen Servern fehlten, zu bieten und gleichzeitig bestehende Features zu verbessern. Unter anderem haben wir mehrere News-Channel mit News zu Division, sowie Ankündigungen von Events, Wartungsarbeiten und Release neuer Spielmodi je für Division 1 und 2. Die Anmeldung für diese ist freiwillig und man kann sich jederzeit wieder abmelden. Des Weiteren haben wir plattformspezifische Rollen und damit verbundene Lobbys, damit auch Konsolenspieler teamen können und die Chats nicht nur von PC-Spielern dominiert sind.
A server for roblox contests and get robux!
Have you ever wondered how'd it be like to let all that inner teen angst out without being judged? Come on down and let out your inner teen in your own way. Prove that you still got it in you!
Have you ever wondered how'd it be like to let all that inner teen angst out without being judged? Come on down and let out your inner teen in your own way. Prove that you still got it in you!
O lugar onde os cheats dominam!
The #1 server for Vikings, a historical drama television series on Netflix with roles, news, and live episode discussion. Join now to chat with ~100 Vikings fans!
Hey! Welcome to Midnight Vibes, pretty much a place where you can hang out, chill n stuff. Server's based on Vaporwave, as it looks like, hope you like it. :P We like anime, too! It would be nice to have you there!
Server full of stuff, and random things.
Welcome to La Mamerfa! We're a small community with a Mexican restaurant theme (don't ask). We accept all types of people, whether it be smart people, funny people, dumb people, or even toxic people. Have fun and enjoy tu carne asada!
The Atlantis Lounge, a public discord where people can publicly join any time and just chill. Not just that, we are also known for roleplaying in a style similar to DnD. ( Dungeons And Dragons ) if you are intrigued, be sure to join our discord server and we'll be sure to guide you through and provide you details!
-+- Welcome to t o f f e e -+- ~Welcome to our server, we are upcoming and all around fun! ~Our server is new so be patient :) ~We have Voice Channels, Text roles, Lots of Channels Make sure you join!
This is a random server. Join if you'd like! ;)
Welcome to my home! This is official, by the way. This is where you and everyone can have some fun in here! This server will probably have more bots, and more! Enjoy! (This server has cooperated with LuckyServer, bunker.jpeg (now defunct), BloxDonalds, Bus Simulator, Bus Stop Simulator, and Bus Community. If you wanna learn more about these, hit me up at EdwardBloxy#7579.)
hey there, welcome to the cake ritual! This is where we can talk about cake, and stuff. Have fun, or YOU WILL EATEN BY EVERYONE IN THE SERVER LIKE CAKE IS. Huh, What's that? ...errr nothing, heh heh. Ha ha, Have fun! (be sure to check out the BFDI wiki!)
Come join the on going community where you can meet and befriend one another!
This is a ONE-STOP gaming destination. If you want to receive latest deals or news or ongoing bundle information then this is the place for you. So hop-in and enjoy.
o✧ं。˚ A great place for Kpop stans to interact! A place you'll never regret joining!٩( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ٩)⋆。˚*ْ✧ं
Ogtadia est un serveur communautaire pour notre serveur minecraft, toute les info.sont sur notre discord ! Cordialement, le staff d'ogtadia
Her türlü paylaşımları saygı, sevgi,anlayış çerçevesi içerisinde yapabileceğiniz, dostane, yumuş yumuş , eviniz sıcaklığında bir kanal. Hepinizi bekliyoruz.
nya This is a quiet place and it needs your help! Meet new people and have the chat become alive once again! We have many channels but the server is still unfinished, during the meantime you can have a chat with the fellow members of this server :D
Game of Thrones + A Song of Ice & Fire server with tons of roles from the series. We do not kneel.