Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
Nintendo Esports Server
Hello we are Team Cecrified. We love gaming and you should to. We are a professional gaming team with alot of good players. You should join today. We do weekly teamtages. we have almost 600 discord members and almost 1.5 k on instagram and almost 200 on youtube.
Cat themed Rocket League & Destiny 2 Server NA & EU (US-E, US-W, & EU) All platforms are welcome! Partnerships Available! Recommended : Speaking English & Microphone
Wink709 Discord, a place we can talk, ask questions, get to know each other, and talk.
Un espace de détente avec une atmosphère gaming. • Events/Animations en tout genre (Blind Test, Streaming d'Animes/Films, Jeux, etc...), • Projets aux quels même toi tu peux participer, • News, • Un partage communautaire soutenus, • Des bots, • Et bien évidement du bon vivre !
Welcome to the official Valorant Oceanic Competitive discord!
Mutant Tribe is a unified group of mature adult clans, with a focus on having a friendly and thriving community to help each other get better at war. We believe the best way to get better at war is to practice, so we have multiple clans geared toward different levels and phases of play.
Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
🔷Unser Server ist für Konsolen Gamer und die die gerne Musik hören. Es gibt besondere Sprachkanäle die temporär bestehen und eigen verwaltbar sind. 🔶Features 🔸Musik 🔹Gaming 🔸Temporäre Sprachkanäle 🔹Bots
Serveur français, qui est pour des joueurs csgo ou autres.
Competitive Community Multigaming nata in Italia, dedita al mondo del gaming e dell’eSports. Con YDN Gamers ASD puoi conoscere nuove persone e players pronti a giocare! Tornei interni, coaching di base per nuovi players, coaching avanzato per migliorarsi, team competitivi, partite personalizzate e giveaway per tutti! Sezione dedicata agli streamers della community, per dare visibilità a chi si impegna, divertendosi! Vi aspettiamo sul nostro server!
Der offizielle Discordserver von Blitz-Trans! Wir sind eine VTC im Spiel Eur Truck Simulator 2.
Fortnite Scrim Team - Myriad Esports Looking for active and fun players that can compete in scrims :)
There are voice channels for each mode in Rainbow Six Siege like Casual, Unranked, and Ranked. We also have Chill Chats where users can talk amongst each other while playing different games.
▪ Chat fluido ▪ Torneos de minecraft ▪ Torneos mensuales/semanales ▪ Comunidad limpia ▪ Jugadores activos ▪ Buscadores de partidas ▪ Rangos y roles especiales
Аниме, Игры, Ламповые вечера, Добрые админы, Красивые тян, Амбициозные мальчики ❤️
We're Avitium Esports! We're a community based around competitive gaming, but we also stream, host tons of events and giveaways, and focus on our community. We love interacting with others and making some friends along the way! Come check us out and let us know what you think :)
Magyar Call of Duty Discord (COD HUN) PC, Playstation, XBOX, Mobile Hírek, Frissítések Stream megosztás Klán kereső, versenyek Nyereményjáték Csatlakozz hozzánk és találkozzunk online! https://discord.gg/McCRnTP
Um pouco sobre o servidor, Empregos Forças Policiais: PSP | PJ | GNR | Exército Português . Facções Criminosas: Familia Bonanno | Talivas | MS13 Servidor aberto no dia 21/03/2020, e está à 3 dias consecutivos full (32/32 slots). RP Sério, 125 mil euros iniciais, A cidade de Babilônia oferece o melhor para o melhor!
Joining Caustic Gaming is simple. First, be 16+, be from NA or EU, and play on PC. Second, click the Discord button at the top left of this page. Third, enter our Discord server, read the rules in the lobby and click the accept emoji to signify that you've reviewed the terms of the Discord. Finally, visit the #games-you-play section and click on the respective emojis of the games that you play. This will assign you your roles within our Discord server and grant you access to these specific game channels. Post within these channels to find new friends to game with. Our Discord is a place for you to prove your worth and potentially get added to one of our competitive teams. We currently have competitive teams for Apex Legends, Call of Duty and R6:Siege.
Gaming clan, chill cafe, memes, staff applications
super fun en ambiance 24h/24
Fortnite Server
Hey there! Welcome to Exstii's Community Discord Server! First before you join and meet new people, there are some rules. Rules: 1) Be friendly. You wouldn't like it if someone called you stupid or fat or any other names, would you? 2) Engage in chat. We're all here to hangout and chill, So why not start a conversation by saying "Hey" in chat or Joining a voice channel. 3) NO Advertising. This may be a place to hangout, But this isn't a place to post links. Sorry. 4) NO Doxing or DDoSing. This is a big NO and it will get you instantly banned and reported to Discord. 5) Don't mention unless needed. Yeah, I get it. I'm a cool dude. But you don't really have to mention me in every message you send, The same also applies to any moderator in the discord. 6) Enjoy yourself and have a good time here!
We are a TrackMania Team and also Unlimiter Support! ;D
Witam Wszystkich Bardzo Serdecznie ! Chciał bym zaprosić na server Discord : https://discord.gg/89YMY7 Serwer Powstał typowo pod Call off Duty - Warzone Acz kolwiek jest Bardzo dużo osób które grają w takie gry jak LoL,Cs:go,Rust Czy też inne gry. Oferujemy wam Bardzo dużo przestrzeni osobistej Jak i komfort gry cisze i spokój. Dużo Nowych znajomości oraz miłej Administracji Raz na jakiś czas będą organizowane turnieje czy też różne Zadania i do zgarnięcia będzie psc Od 20zł aż do 200zł Zapraszamy Bardzo serdecznie Mamy już 700 osób na discordzie na 1000 osób będzie coś specjalnego tylko dla was Więc zapraszamy Was wszystkich z całą ekipą: Dark - Warzone Polska
Archangelz is a new overwatch PS4 community. You can join regardless of rank or region!!! Keep in mind we are new but we hope you join to help our community grow and develop!!
A large Steam community-based server where players from around the world unite, join parties, play games, and meet hundreds of new friends.
Fortnite palvelin
Join Happy Lobbies, converse with others, share your vouches and receive exclusive discounts on Call of Duty services! Including our Pro AFK Bots Boosting XP Glitch Lobby!
Saint is an up and coming Esports Organisation striving for greatness. We provide a platform for everyone and a friendly Community to interact with other gamers.
Warzone Türkiye'ye hoş geldin! Türkiye'nin en sağlam Discord moderasyon kadrosuyla Warzone dünyasında yalnız kalmayacaksın. Unutma: İlk gelen 100 üyeye çok özel roller ve yetkiler verilecek. Oyunun oyuncu sayısı iyice artıp sunucu büyümeden hemen önce yerini kap!
Currently Recruiting for eSports players and management in Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Smite, and Others. Join our discord for more details!