A memey wavy server for creators to hang. Get your work noticed, find game groups, dump memes, pick your roles, sing your heart out and win stuff! The New Wave is officially here.
A memey wavy server for creators to hang. Get your work noticed, find game groups, dump memes, pick your roles, sing your heart out and win stuff! The New Wave is officially here.
League of Legends EUNE Community, coaching, giveaways, play with new people and find duoQ partners, tournaments, other events and more!
A community server for League's upcoming card game; Legends of Runeterra! In this community, you can expect a place where you can find friends who also like the game. On top of that, we also have channels where you can discuss with others about the state of the game or where you can share your awesome deck! We also regularly host events and giveaways, so if you want to earn some sweet rewards make sure to keep yourself updated about when the next event or giveaway is coming! Ready to join our community?
Teamfight Tactics is an open community where people who play Teamfight Tactics are welcome. It is a hangout for people who love the game as much as you do and on top of that it is also an educational server. Teamfight Tactics offers many things such as guides, tips and tricks and active members who love to help you. Alongside this we also host giveaways and fun events such as movie nights, karaoke nights and much more.
Wir sind eine öffentliche Multigaming Community, welche für alle Spieler offen und ohne Bewerbung frei zugänglich ist. Wir sehen uns!
SunSet City RolePlay é um servidor de FiveM com o mod VRP e com scripts unicas!
Ever thought about what the undertale world was like in the future? Join now to witness the world and control a character in a world where humans and monsters live in harmony!
Русскоязычное сообщество Dual Universe
Basado en el extraño club visto en EarthBound, Stoic Club promete reunir a la cantidad de fanáticos de la saga MOTHER/EarthBound de habla hispana alrededor del mundo. ¿Quieres ser parte?
An awesome place to make friends and share memes
For the FFXIV players or here for others who want to join to regardless of the game you play
For the FFXIV players or here for others who want to join to regardless of the game you play
Welcome to Little Tokyo if you like anime and gambling this is for you and you can win stuff like real money for the people you invite to the chat and more
Viens rigoler, t'amuser et passer des bons moments avec toute la communauté d'Alex!s LGC.
GTAV Modding Service
Party Bar is a community that you could use to find a stretch of things from artists, to sports fans, and to gamers We are here to create a place that you could call home, a place where you can make new friends and set on new adventures with them and feel safe to do so!
Warframe Dynasty is a community of Tenno on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes, Community Polls, Real-time Alerts & News, Plus More! We've got Warframe, Fashion Frame, Music, Anime, & Fun! Join us, Tenno! =)
DexClique Official Discord
This is a discord, just like the official rainbow six discord, but more controlled and more accessible. Once you enter in, all you have to do is choose your rank (instructions will be provided via discord) and you will get a list of voice channels and chats you can play with. Catch yah in rank!
A Discord server for Azur Lane players
A Discord server for Azur Lane players
Weekly livestreams of the romhacks and the mods for classic retro-games!
Comunidad dedicaca a los video juegos de RTS relacionado a la segunda guerra mundial y Transmisiones de MrSipan. Sean todos Bienvenidos
**__Genesis Gaming (PS4)__** We are Genesis Gaming! Previously an Overwatch PS4 community, we are now reforming our community to appeal to a variety of Ps4 games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Borderlands, and many more. Genesis Gaming offers a warm environment for PS4 players of all backgrounds and skill levels. We would love for you to come join us! -Toxicity-free community -Make friends and find players across many games - LFG to find like-minded teammates! - Friendly and active Staff team. -Contests, giveaways, and other events coming soon! Join our Discord server!
Modest Minecraft server with a focus on nurturing events and community. Discord-to-Minecraft chat included.
I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, so I'm not gonna explain anything. Just read the rules and follow them.
Symphony of the New World >running Simulation F:478 Welcome everyone, to the Symphony of the New World. You will play as settlers, “aliens”, if you will, exploring and setting up a colony, trying to survive.The journey will be tough, the negotiations difficult, and there will be no plot armor; but play your cards, and with abit of luck, you will be able to form a true Pax Americana, from shining sea to shining sea. Pick up your instruments, and let the symphony of the New World begin. Featuring: -A new world -Interactive, living and breathing environment -Opportunities for power and politics -Innovative OOC/IC mechanisms to facilitate realpolitik play! https://discord.gg/hHbF8Dn
🔥 W̶y̶z̶y̶g̶y̶ 🔥 - A lounge for everyone that just wants to relax ,talk, and hangout. - The server has an accepting and relaxed community.
Le discord communautaire français pour les joueurs de Pugn Lite , vous y trouverez toute l’actualité concernant le jeu , des personnes avec qui jouer par la suite et qui sais des giveaway de pièces pugb plus tard !
Talk about your favorite Real Time Strategy game!
Programmer by day, gamer by night. I'm a streamer who just got going! Getting ready for wow classic to launch - Feel free to join!
Programmer by day, gamer by night. I'm a streamer who just got going! Getting ready for wow classic to launch - Feel free to join!
Hello there, ladies and gentlemen, and all others! Are you looking for a comfy server where you can engage in intriguing discussion about games, movies, and anime? Share a (virtual) drink with a stranger sitting next to you? Philosophise and reflect on life and reality? Join us at the Elysium Bar, where you can drink and chat to your heart's content. ---------------------------------------- What do we have here at this establishment? *A friendly, active, and engaging community *Enjoyable and conversational moderators *Music and game bots, to gamble your (virtual) money away *Dedicated channels for anime, memes, and debates *A fine selection of emojis suited for your needs *Openings for partnerships, if you wish to initiate connections with us *A levelling system, that rewards you for your activity within the server If we've caught your interest, please, click the link below, and join us. First drink is on the house.
We are a pretty chill community that has people from anime and gaming communities.
We are a gaming server come hang out and make new friends
Iconic Vanguard is a community primarily based around Destiny 2 and bungie.
Community , Gamer , Online , Chill
Hello there! Do you like to talk, chill, talk about gaming or anything like that? Well, your in luck. Welcome to The Lonely Isle. Owned by 3 people (M1tsu, Mr. panda and Ben) We have a lot to include such as BoxBot, "Memey" emojis, conuting and more. Come and join the isle today, we are waiting for you! ;)
You've stumbled into Arcadia! We welcome you to our community, please; make yourself a coffee, it's on the house for new members! I highly suggest a latte. You might be wondering what this place is all about, and here is a very brief explanation! We are a community gaming discord, all about the latest information, gossip and a chill place where you can sit down, log on and play some awesome games! If you're not into gaming as much as I am, then please. Simply use this as a place to meet new people, and discuss other favourite hobbies such as music, drawing or space exploration!
For a game on ROBLOX called ZapLines.
Servidor de Minecraft operando na versão 1.8x. IP: RedeHyzen.com Website: https://loja.redehyzen.com/ Fórum: https://loja.redehyzen.com/
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