For playing text-based TTRPG in a safe and inclusive space, especially for marginalized people, including but not limited to people of color, LGBT+, women, neurodivergent, and disabled folx. This server is run by the creator of Muppets & Mayhem, a webcomic about 4 Kermit meme personas playing TTRPG.
A Discord server was created to catalogue and centralize all reasonable Magic: the Gathering combos and to make them easily available across all digital modern platforms.
A server dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons and focussed on creating a welcoming atmosphere for transgender people in the community!
A hombrew heavy Pathfinder 1e campaign taking place in 1942, 24 years after Arcane magic has been almost rendered extinct. Explore the Coffee Stain Islands, discover countless supernatural phenomenon, and follow the heavily story driven campaign.
มาเล่นการ์ดผ่าน VDO Call กัน !
Discord Link: Age requirement: 18+ Rp experience needed: Any level! USS-SL336: Dandelion is a discord role play server centered around a spaceship called the USS-SL336: Dandelion and the adventures the crew members go on. What challenges will they face? Ship malfunctions? Alien invasions? The story is shaped by you!
Just please don't have the behavioral problems of a middle school student or freshman... -_-
Welcome! we are a friendly welcoming community originally based around tabletop gaming such as D&D and Call of Cthulhu, we also do movie nights. please come sit with us.
A tabletop role playing community. We produce several podcasts, monthly interactive tabletop games to raise money for Extra-Life, and we are also the home of DralaCon, a table top gaming convention being held July 12-14th in Fort Wayne, IN. Join today!
Hi. We are just a bunch of people looking to play online board games with each other!
We are looking for players and DMs.DMs will need FG experience but players can be completely new - and you can play for free with the demo edition of Fantasy Grounds- all our DMs have the Ultimate license.
"Dragon Isle Prison" is a West Marches style campaign that uses almost all official 5e content: ~Explore the dynamic and constantly evolving world of Zurzavar, where player choice can shape or even alter the course of history. Many regions wait to be explored by intrepid adventurers and multiple concurrent storylines exist for players to follow and take part in. ~Who you are and how you came to be here is up to you! Join our ever growing community of friendly and lighthearted players as you strike out on your own in search of fame, fortune, or just plain old fun. ~All levels of experience and playstyles are welcome, from veterans to first timers. ~Our DMs come from all around the world, and games are posted in many different time slots, allowing players the flexibility to catch games when they have time. Join to learn more
A friendly and welcoming community for gamers.
TabletopHaven is a fun and engaging community for all things tabletop. Whether your're a veteran Dunegons & Dragons player, or a new person trying to get into card games, we are the community for you. Our community offers: ✨ Multiple supported games ✨ System to add community-wanted games ✨ Amazing staff team ✨ Active community ✨ Lots of channels ✨ Multiple online game events ✨ Fun member ranks ✨ Much, much more! Join our server today!
Bienvenido a Gyrenne, un servidor en el que se juega una campaña de D&D 5ta edición con estilo West Marches de forma privada, pero de todas formas con un espacio para crear comunidad con quienes se unen al servidor.
This is debatably the most ambitious Dungeons and Dragons server on discord and it is just starting out. * Text Based MMO * User Created Factions * User Created Economy * User Created Stories * User Created World * Noob Friendly We separate meme characters into their own campaigns in order to ensure you have a pleasant experience. We use DNDBEYOND and Dicecloud and Google Sheets for character creation. We NEED Dungeon Masters and World Builders. If you are interested in making friends and having a roleplaying experience join Athrial.
Enjoy or interested in playing Connect4? Join this competitive PvP league that is organized into different teams to compete in a multi day/week schedule.
We play our own version of singleton on MTG Arena. There's a 100 card deck minium and a points list that creatively limits powerful cards. Come play tournaments and leagues in this fun fan format!
21+ non-ERP hub dedicated to two original settings of sci-fi aliens DnD 5E tabletop or modern urban fantasy in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters.
A DnD-inspired roleplaying server, rich in lore and opportunity to influence the plot.
The Gatekeeper Society is looking for new recruits to join our ranks. We operate on discord playing 5e dnd. The server is entirely play by post but do have the occasional voice chat game. Through a series of progressive one-shots and mini-campaigns hosted by several DMs your character(s) will progress through our growing and thriving community. Through the use of the Portal Gates we have access to multiple worlds and all walks of life. We even allow homebrew races upon approval. The Society has plenty to offer when your not out on a mission. From shops to parks and even taverns theres plenty of places to mingle with other players of the server in a easy going setting. We also host Arena matches to test your strength against the monster forces for exp, and if you're feeling lucky, placing bets on the fights.
Magic: The Gathering online community «Magic Mage Masters» brings to you organized online tournaments (primarily Modern). We are playing with Discord, Challonge and Cockatrice. The project is still very young but we are growing very fast. Wanna be part of this awesome project?
Dimensions Online is a D&D 5e based roleplay server with both text roleplay and voice quests, like multiple one-shots in the same universe, with some campaign-like storylines.
We are a group of like minded people who like to play board games. With this COVID situation, it has been harder to do so. In order to make up for it, we created this channel to organize gameplay on apps such as Tabletop Simulator and Roll20 in order to have fun playing tabletop games.
Grimwood is an action roleplay game based in a dark and dangerous landscape. Blending elements of table top roleplay and character building with that of dark and gritty fantasy, Grimwood strives to create a fun and captivating roleplay experience. Violence and danger are very real things in this setting - as are failure and death. The great races of the land stand on the brink of war with one another. Each seeks to hold or reclaim both heritage and territory through way of blood and steel. Powers long asleep have begun walking all through the lands - unfathomable horrors that carry the same promise for all banners. As the player you stand at the precipice; serve and protect the innocent, or draw strength from their suffering. Drive the land forward into a new age, or hasten it's fall into darkness. In the land of Grimwood, the deciding factor is you. 18+
We are an open world science fiction roleplay inspired by many successful science fiction series such as Halo, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more. This is a literate roleplay that also includes GM based actions and events.
A friendly server to talk about Magic: The Gathering in.
We are a d&d discord server trying to create a community, we are currently looking for staff, dungeon masters and players. Come make a great community
A tabletop RPG server for those who enjoy games like D&D, Pathfinder, Fate and more!
Welcome to RuneScape Chest Games! We are a new, fresh, RuneScape Gambling server more than happy to satisfy your gambling needs! We are a toxic free community and will not tolerate and BS! Come on in.
The discord for the sub server of Minewind Sun. Join this server: Then type: /changeserver sun
Mal Carnum is an AU My Hero Academia RP server where you can either be a student and attend the prestigious hero school, Mal Carnum, located in the newly rebuilt city of Tokyo, a hero roaming the streets and putting their life on the line for the well being of the citizens, a vigilante that operates differently from the heroes or you can be a villain trying to rise to power and take over the city and if that doesn't fancy you, you can just be a regular civilian. - The server runs on a dice based combat system, slightly similar to DnD, where dice rolls decide the flow of combat - There is a unique level progression system that allows characters to level up and gain perks and uses for their quirks, that make them stronger in combat - There are custom arcs that provide story and events that give EXP, as well as character building opportunities - There's plenty of ooc rooms catered around Gaming, Art, Memes, NSFW, LGBTQ+, and venting/real talk.
A dnd server with a good community and a good place to learn or play.
Disaster Master's Den is a Dungeons and Dragons server where people may find other players to play in their games, as well as you may run your own campaigns or oneshots whenever you would like, with a custom category and channels for any campaign being run in the server.