A small DND server looking for players and DM's. This version isn't the same as normal DND and is very over simplified. The server is poorly made and is maintained by one person so don't expect much
-Access all D&D Beyond material via our content sharing links! -Homebrew friendly! -Play from the comfort of your phone with text games! -Friendly community that teaches newbies! -RP in a safe space with our family friend
A D&D and Tabletop focused community server
Welcome to the DND 3.5 Adventure Server. The goal here is to have fun without breaking the game. This will be a recurring and persistent world headed by several expert DMs running games in the same world throughout the week. Your character will be able to hop in and out as you like.
everyone's suggestion is considered here
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We accept D&D, VotM, One Shots, and plenty more! CURRENTLY IN NEED OF DMS OF ANY TYPE!