Transhumanism discord server. Topics are: * Science * Futurism * Longevity * The Singularity * Food Supplements * Implants * Economics of the Future * Politic Systems of the Future * Biohacking etc.
Serveur francophone dédié aux claviers mécaniques.
Servidor de Fivem Role Play
THE HUB Want a place to meet fellow gamers? Hangout? Make suggestions for a new server? You are in the right place! * Talk to people that have devices you have! * Video games! * Friendly community! *Many other new things awaiting you! * Begin your journey now!
Primary Services: - Domains - SSL Certificates - Web Hosting - Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder Hosting - WordPress Hosting - Cloud Hosting - eMail Hosting - G Suite We are a registered business in the United States of America! Services are NOT free.
Southeast USA waze editors.
A gaming community with high-quality custom game servers. We offer public Minecraft, Just Cause, G-Mod, Factorio, and Starbound servers. Don't see a game you'd like? Let us know and we can create a new game server.
On parle de hack et tout
Ce serveur est un serveur de développement visant à échanger sur ce thème, à aider sur nos projets personnels et à faire évoluer certains d'entre nous.
</Uma comunidade brasileira com programadores e desenvolvedores (e alguns novatos). Faça parte da comunidade mais programadora do Brasil.>
💎 Dolunay Roleplay 💎
QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by applying blockchain sharding technology. QuarkChain is one of the first public chains that successfully implemented state sharding technology for blockchain in the world.
The Official SIVANN Discord Server
Serveur francophone sur l'informatique en général, notamment le langage de programmation Rust.
Educators in VR is a meetup dedicated to global educators, trainers, researchers, and students invested in immersive technologies with virtual reality.
A very cool server it has voice communication and every thing you can talk about synapse or anything you would like please join HAVE FUN!!!!!
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems.
Ardanuc AKAR
COTI is the first enterprise-grade fintech platform that eliminates all intermediaries from transactions and enables any organization to build their own private payment solution, saving time and money. COTI provides functionality as robust as PayPal and AliPay, while allowing enterprises to set their own payment rules and own their valuable data. Keep in mind that this is a home for community discussion around the COTI protocol and COTI network. All opinions, ideas and questions are welcome, as long as they are shared respectfully and encourage constructive conversation.
Were a Apocalypse Rising hack sever we sell guis and more, and soon were expanding to a Hub!
A server for music fans and users of! A growing community to discuss music, including specific channels for popular genres, and a fully featured bot for sharing your stats.
Providing high performance and quality game servers in EU and US. Rowlt strives to provide the best cost for servers at 1GB/1$ and to ensure that you feel at home while using our hosting. Our team of specialized administrators work day and night to provide the best hardware and services.
Basicly if you get 25 people join the server without leaving.. We give you Paid Roblox Exploit for free Or Paid Roblox Script (ye cool)
Home to a community surrounding the age old CBBC TV series, BAMZOOKi.
Discord server pandemicZ
Here to have fun! Anything goes, just as long as you have fun ;)