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Do you like Undertale? Do you like memes? Do you like Hazbin hotel and Steven Universe? Well guess what! We're a server that does an Undertale AU called Noxxytale, where we voice characters as others! We have characters such as shaggy, fat albert, alastor, spinel, cherri bomb, and more that you can think of! We do streams of Noxxytale often, which is a 2 player undertale we play, and we voice the characters and just have a good time. Our pacifist playthrough is almost finished, but we plan to do a neutral run soon and acquire more voice actors and fans to watch! We are also looking for artists and modders for future ideas! Join us today and you won't regret being a part of this masterpiece!
Join our official discord server!
Und vergiss nicht mit Leuten den Server zu teilen. Das heißt schickt den Link weiter und versucht den YouTube Premium Rang zu bekommen.
Loja 100% confiável podem entrar e conferir
Coderzzzzz Resmi Discord Adresi
Discord public server for M3tro’s buffs, and retrogames fans (also, some modern game such as DMC4, SonicMania, CnC3). This one is dedicated to my YT-channel, where i make game guides and other interesting stuff.
Graphisme Design'Arts Serveur Discord de Graphisme Gfx
PewDiePie server made by Toaster, epic games and some cool bots as well. We also include Some pretty cool Staff perks for if you get staff.
Hi, I'm ThatPandaYT, a YouTuber, and this is my discord server, "ThatPandaYT Discord". Other than it being the official server for my YouTube channel, it is a place that you can hang out in and do whatever (as long as you follow the rules). We have many members of all different interests. We also sometimes have stafff applications open :) Join now to be a member of the server!
Here you can talk to others who watch CodyTheCaster videos about whatever you so please. Inviting other people or friends IS ALLOWED.
The upLIFTing side of the internet!
This is my community server for fans of my youtube/twitch or people who just wanna hang out. How to get access to the server after joining is in rules.
Brittney atwood server all about brittney atwood
Please join our server for gaming and modding talk
This is a retro gaming server
We have memes
ill add one later
Meme server we post memes. We do youtube videos/livestreams. Have fun.
welcoming small comunnity for small channels -+- make friends, help eachother out, get advice, ask questions and grow your channel -==+==- we're all pretty chill and friendly so we accept everyone as long as you do us the same
YouTubers & Twitch Advertising is a discord server where you can advertise your youtube, twitch and social medias. If you don't want to advertise anything then you can simply socialize with other people or make new friends! Here's a list of things available in this server! You can ping advertise your social media by inviting people You can advertise your social medias for free in the self-promotion channels We do not have many toxic members, we avoid keeping toxic people in the server Debate channels were you can debate politics, opinions or anything
Madzsar eredeti szervej
Pls obey the rules
Este discord ha sido creado para la Comunidad de Pikachu, compartir un espacio juntos para poder jugar a diversos juegos. También se harán Sorteos dentro discord y Promociones. Podras obtener Skins Gratis mediante los apartados de #【🎉】│➯𝐒𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐨 y #【🎁】│➯𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐬𝐚𝐬-𝐈𝐧𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐞 . Recuerda seguirme en todas las Redes Sociales para estar Informado Youtube: Twiter: Instagram:
—«JACK2315 SERVER OFICIAL»— Aqui nesse servidor, você pode ficar conversando, jogando akinator, jogando pokecord, jogando gartic, e MUITO MAIS! Os sorteios são praticamente em comemoração de membros Tipo se o servidor bater 50 membros, sorteio de vip ou outra coisa O servidor e exclusivamente para os inscritos no canal do youtube, é seguidores na twitch Chame qualquer amigo pra se divertir!
Discord server for the Green Day Family of clans in Clash of Clans.
This is the official discord server for the Minecraft server!
Youtube gaming discord server
We the Connors demand you to join! We are a group of people that are doing stuff related to Connor for funs and games. If you don't know Connor is a Android (RK800) he is a Detective/Police/Deviant. A Deviant is an Android that feels human emotions and breaks its role of command. Connor is from the game Detroit Become Human. We do have a Application Process for you to become a Cool Connor! A Cool Connor is someone that has Access to more channels than others. Application! Bots! Fun! Willing to Change Anything! Connor! Shoulda Listened Captain! Overall staff slots are open!
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