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A friendly and welcoming community to everyone! Here you can make friends or ask for advice. We're all teenagers and we're going through different things that our parents are nonchalant to. You can also mess around with the bots in the server was well!! Enjoy your stay here!!
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Hey there! <3 Our server is for people of the ages 13-17 (Mostly) We are a chill, voice chat, gaming, and anime server, that’s trying to grow! ~Constant Voice Chats ~Active members ~LGTBQIA+ ~Trying To Grow ~Make Friends ~Anime ~Gaming ~Memes
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→Join Lets Lounge Today! →Lets Lounge Is A Gaming Hangout And Dating Server For People Between 17-13! →Lets Lounge Has Great Staff And Hiring Even More Great Staff Members! →Lets Lounge Has 7 Bots And Adding More!
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Chill hang spot for teens to talk. Allows only 13-17, no pedos or 18 year olds welcome. Just be kind and you can stay.
Anime | LGBT
Blitz is currently trying to grow! Join us for: Gaming channels (Genshin,Dbd,Mc Newest anime chats (Aot, Jjk, Csm, etc) A multitude of fun interactive bots! And we’re open to suggestions!!
just looking for some new friends ngl if you're bored like me just join and we can see what we can do i also like rocket league and yh
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**'Sam's Universe'** **What we have for you :** 🥳| Alot of Events and Giveaways. ⭐️| Fun channels! 👋🏻| Welcoming Moderators and Admins! ⚽️| Active Owners. 🤝| Partnership's Open. 🚁| Staff Apps Open. ---------------------------------- **Wondrous Channels to go : ** 1️⃣| One Word Stories - A place where you can make up your own stories with members! 🎨| Creations - Show your art and creations! 😯| Fact Of The Day - Learn facts every single day. --------------------------------- So come to 'Sam's Universe' and fly through the greatest universe you've ever seen 🚀. --------------------------------