Light moderation, promoting a constructive and creative environment through our community, support for each other, and general empathy. Join us and share your creativity.
Light moderation, promoting a constructive and creative environment through our community, support for each other, and general empathy. Join us and share your creativity.
Light moderation, promoting a constructive and creative environment through our community, support for each other, and general empathy. Join us and share your creativity.
Looking for advice? need some help? Created for the /r/Advice subreddit on Reddit which has over 99k Subscribers. This is a brand new server, this is a place where you can ask for advice on any subject. Also for people who believe they are great at providing help and support, or good advice.
Was meant to just be for friends but it needs lively people like you to make it lit! Just a chill place to talk to other cool people ^_^
Created back in 13th of December 2017.
We're a chill community aiming to help out people!
The Venting Forest is a support and community server, providing a safe space for anyone to vent about anything and make new friends.
Link-up! is a server for making friends, playing games, joining events, spreading the word and diversity.
i did a thing and made an LGBTQ+ support group/community thing and it’s new, you don’t gotta be LGBTQ+ to join tho. It’s non-toxic and fresh out of the oven, so hop in while it’s still hot! We have self-assignable roles including opt-in channels, this server is almost brand new is so it’s smol for now but I’m hoping to see it grow with your help c:
There are channels for homework help, venting, and advice. There is also a voice channel for people to talk out issues, and there is a music channel with a bot playing calming music all the time.
This server is for anyone who needs help, be it life advice, relationship help, somewhere to vent their frustrations, talk about their problems, or just need someone to talk to.
Based on a recent post in the r/selfimprovement subreddit. SIS is a brand new server for people who are interested in building positive habits and bettering themselves. Channels for discussion of many different areas of interest including zen habits, food and health, time management, etc. A place to plan for the future, make friends, and find people to help hold yourself accountable. We're here to build a positive community full of support and advice!
Community with many people! Everyone likes to chill out and relax and chat, come over and literally meet streamers, YouTuber's and like minded people. Hang out with the owner and network if you are wanting to start streaming or do Youtube :)
Welcome to our hangout - where you can relax, get advice, and talk about your day! Meet new friends, set up your Hangout profile, and start chatting! We also have support channels if you need to talk about your day, get advice, or need help with anything! The only thing missing is you!
Welcome to I.S.M! We are here to Inspire, Support and Motivate anyone that needs it! Our community is entirely focused on spreading happiness rather than just being a mental health community. Besides that, regardless of whether you suffer from depression or simply need some motivation, we will always listen. Our support teams have experience, and know what they are talking about. And our community will give you enough inspiration to keep on going!
Just a small server to rant and get advice if you need it! note: I'm looking to improve the server, hit me up with suggestions
This server was created due to a lack of servers dedicated to poly relationships and resources, and regional groups. It is a new server and we are looking to build it into a much larger server for Poly people, poly curious, swingers and other alternative lifestyle people. We hope to make it a go to resource for information, advice and knowledge. We also have a NSFW section open to those that can verify they are above the age of 18. This is an 18+ server to protect all parties from doing anything wrong. Hope to meet you soon and welcome you to the NYC Polyamory Group.
This server contains popular services for a variety of categories, including an advice center, Anime center, A "Deals" section, music section, RP section, tech support section, And a database section; And we can still add more services if needed~
Created in 2017 our break up support server has became a hub and a place of comfort for people going through a break up. Our staff work hard to maintain its values as being a safe environment for everyone to vent, give and receive advice and support, to help them through their own personal specific break up story.
A 16+ mental health server with a friendly peer-support network! The menu: ・A calm & supportive community ・Cute emotes ・Fun events ・Bots with games/currency/leveling ・Self-assignable roles ・& so much more! We can't wait for you to join! ♡
Welcome to Academy Awareness. -Here you can get involved in creating awareness on exploitation occurring all over the world, namely the clear net where kids are the most vulnerable. -We aim to compile reports for both Victims in need of help and Criminals to law enforcement so action will be taken. (We can help teach you these skills) -Our goal is to bring an end to this exploitation by exposing it to the public and forcing the companies to take action and responsibility for poor moderation of their sites and giving Law Enforcement the needed info to find justice against Criminals perpetrating these crimes.
Project Happiness is a mental health based support server to help others out :)
This is a server based around Wizards of the Coasts' Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game, whose primary purpose is to serve as a friendly platform of discussion for anything to do with the game and its community.
If you are going through a rough patch in your love life, you can count on the members of this server to show you a better way. If you'd like to share your romantic wisdom, then this server is the perfect platform for you.
Welcome to the long hair community come join and tell us about you are your long hair. Any girls are allowed to join. We can give you tips, advice, and what to use and not to use for your hair. You can also search for someone to play with your hair. So came join if you want to.
jellyfish ✨ is a friendly server where anyone can come to make friends, get advice on personal issues & have a lot of fun!
--THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVER-- This is a wingman service and dating tips, do you want to catch a grill or a mans then this is the place for you, or do you just need advice on your relationship then this is the place for you!
A great resource for Game Masters and Dungeon Masters to get fresh ideas and help with their table top role playing games, like D&D and Pathfinder. Based off the YouTube and Twitch channels of the same name. Come join the fun!
NOT A DATING SERVER! We are a growing "lovey-dovey" community server based on the idea, art and culture of love, romance, relationships, and similar themes. We provide a way to share your ideas about love and romance with like-minded people. We have professional/friendly staff and are growing extremely fast! Here are some of the things we offer! ✦ Love Quotes ✦ Relationship Advice ✦ Dating Ideas ✦ 1:1 Female to Male ratio ✦ Movie and Gaming Events ✦ Monthly Giveaways ✦ Couple's Corner / Marriage Bot ✦ Question of the Day ✦ LGBTQ+ Friendly ✦ 18+ Channel NOT A DATING SERVER!
✧Welcome to The Dimension!! We are a relatively small and new server, but an active, accepting community. The thing’s we offer are exciting themed events and competitions, many broad topics (ex: gaming, art, advice) for chats as well as VC’s, an XP ranking system, self-assigned roles, and so much more. Our server is themed from the Netflix part series “The OA” but varies onto other modern themes throughout the server as well. This server is one to join, not only to meet new people but to share common likes! We hope you decide to enter the new exciting dimension. Our welcoming portal wardens are waiting for you✧
A gathering place for the parents/guardians of Roblox (and other games) to laugh at...uh, I mean with each other about life, family, and other experiences of being an adult gamer.
A server that has everything, a small community wanting to expand, ahhh you get the point just check it out if ya like.
The Good Place is a community server based off of the Netflix series, The Good Place. The Good Place offers a place where one can meet new friends and chat. What The Good Place offers: A place to hang out and make new friends QOTD, Would You Rather, Never Have I Ever, One Word Story Love to sing? Love hearing others sing? We have a Karaoke channel! Emotional support, need a listening ear? We're here The Good Place offers a safe place for those looking for support or advice. No worries, you are safe with us so do not hesitate to vent in the appropriate channels.