Servidor de Tecno Gamer JW donde se puede hablar de diversos temas en sus respectivos canales, ademas de permitir que otros Animadores de Minecraft puedan presentar sus proyectos y pedir ayuda.
The Quirk Zone is a community for quirky and random people! Includes servers such as art, memes, videos, Gacha Studio creations, roleplay, anime, games, and more! Join if you're truly quirky!!!
{》| Paralya Animations |《} —-—-—-—-—-—-—-— => Paralya qu'est ce que c'est ? —-—-—-—-—-—-—-— > Un serveur Discord avec... 》Des animations vocale et écrites hebdomadaires/mensuelles accompagné d'une règlementation. 》Des Giveaways pour régaler nos membres. 》Un système anti-raid filtrant les bots des joueurs. 》Des concours chaque semaine sur tous les thèmes et tous les supports. 》Un salon Pub pour les membres les plus actifs. 》Une communauté qui ne cesse de grossir.
Welcome to AniiArmy, where we just chilling and slack off in the server. Ofc we have cool stuff here too, come join us if you think you can be active! __________________________ -A lot of bots -Self assigned roles -Pokecord -Gambling -Character Guessing -Giveaways -Memes -Music chilling -Game nights -Arts/Animations -Spam Channel -NSFW Channel -Leveled Roles -Number counting -Trivia -Gaming -Voice channels
Openworld Movie Valley where everyone shares the newly released movies or can view the elderly movies as want. We shares all kinds of movies as such Hollywood, Animations, Chinese, Korean, Bollywood etc where every movie are placed as categorized. Don't have the movie request your movies in the request channel we've got your back....So, why worries join the Openworld Movie Valley now!!!!.....
This server is all about sharing your art work and making friends, you can also share memes or just some images and videos! we have a drawing contest that you can enter to win yourself a free role you can customise the colour and name! We would also like someone to do a game night for everyone that wants to play a game. I would really appreciate it if you joined :))