Community | Crypto
Phantom TV is an entertainment network primarily broadcasted on cryptocurrency streaming sites, DLive and VimmTV, via Hip-Hop Phantom. Now, it has a server for all of the current and potential fans. The primary mission is to build a community to support and show show recognition to the world of cryptocurrency in the multimedia department. But, there's also some other stuff here to do. You can typically talk about general stuff and gaming. You can listen to music with the Chino bot at the music lounge, and play around with the Tatsumaki bot. This server serves as a home for all the Super Mario Makers and Jackbox players out there. On occasion, Phantom TV hosts streams for both of these games whenever announced. Be sure to tune in to be a part of some of that fun. We even got a banter box, so can trash-talk each other like it's Xbox LIVE. So, come on over and make yourself at home.
Gaming | Community
Z Special Unit is an Australian/Oceanic gaming community with a solid clan at it's core - in fact we're one of the largest and oldest non game-specific communities in Oceania - we're all about playing games to have fun, and being around like minded people! We're all about living our core values - Teamwork, Comradery and Respect.
Entertainment | Social
Come here to talk about whatever you want meet new friends and chill, we are a non toxic community and are open to suggestions, I will add whatever you guys want within reason.
Gaming | Art | Anime
Join Friends Without Benefits. -Gaming -Art -Writers -Comedians -Music -Anime -Chat -Voice Chat -Friendly People -World Wide -Self Assignable Roles -Modded Growing fast with your help :)
Anime | Community
Hello! I hope you're having a day as wonderful as you are! Looking for a cute server? We’d like to invite you to join! It’s a place where the attention seekers are gone, and the place is scrubbed toxic free! It’s a good place to chill so look no further! We're happy and appreciative to have you aboard, see ya there! - Active Voice Chat - Game Nights - Overwhelming Wholesomeness
Gaming | Social
Aussie Discord For Playing Games, Good Banter & Good Laughs! (Includes 24/7 Minecraft Server)
Community | Meme
Discord server for retards and autists alike.
Gaming | Social
This discord server is a GTA V Online recovery service, we always try and make everything a straight forward system with no complacations
Entertainment | Community
Gaming | eSports
banter is best
Community | Gaming
A bunch of chill nibbas.
Community | eSports
New friendly community, Anime, Gaming, Esports, Events, 24/7 LoFi radio, Fun bots, Karaoke nights, Banter, Loose rules
Role-Playing | Bot
Build a glorious Nation! Expand your Empire, customizable role-play and go to war against others. Enjoy having the comfort of full access to the League of Nations Bot in the support server or by adding the bot to your server.
Anime | Mature
Close knit weeb community. 20+ - Not a baby sitting zone.
Meme | Community
We just play around chat and do what all people do BE HUMAN
Entertainment | Gaming
Voice chat, Gaming, Music, Movies, Chill, Hang, Banter, Jokes.