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Welcome to Moon's Planet! Feel free to join, make friends and enjoy playing the games you like. c: Much love, Moon
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Meme And General Stupidity Discord Basically do whatever idc unless it breaks some of the few rules in there or listed on the discord channels, This is a very old discord it's Been around since Discord first came out. I need more people to harass when im bored so like join if you want we have a lot of weird bots in here.
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We encourage our members to have a wide-variety of games in their Steam libraries by granting ranks for our users based on the number of Steam ‘tags’ a user has allocated in the entirety of their Steam library. We also host lots of giveaways! Check us out.
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Official home of /r/Blizzard subreddit.
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Enchanted Kindom is a gamers server but everyone is welcome for a chat! We'd love to have you there! Right now its mostly league of legends based. But we got other gamers there too. For example steam gamers, origin, epic games etc. We got a lot of fun channels, a snap group for our server and a lot of social peeps! All of us loves nice music, memes, youtube links etc. We don't allow any discrimination or bullying!
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Warcraft 3 Reforged and Classic Updates, create multiplayer games, track newest versions of Reforged and Classic updates, Twitch and YouTubers can post videos or live streams.