We are a World of Warcraft guild based on the classic Atiesh and retail Bronzebeard-Us servers. We are a group of veteran players, many of whom have raiding experience dating back to the original Vanilla. Our current focus is getting everyone leveled and into end game dungeons with raiding to follow. Also home of the Warcraft 3 Clan WSL, who's primary focus is playing the Wilderness Survival map. We provide video tutorials as well as recipe guides for those interested in Wilderness Survival, but not familiar with the map or new to WS in general; you can find them all in the #wildytips tab and in the Clan forums.
Warcraft 3 Reforged and Classic Updates, create multiplayer games, track newest versions of Reforged and Classic updates, Twitch and YouTubers can post videos or live streams.
a place where all risk lovers can unite and play the game. we host many team games and 1v1's as well as pub and inhouse FFA's
Do you currently play Reforged Beta or Warcraft 3 TFT on USWEST or USEAST servers? We've gathered multiple old and new ladder players as we prepare for the release of Warcraft Reforged. The discord will be dedicated to the "Americas" if the servers on beta reflect how it will be upon release. Feel free to have your clan or league team be part of the community.