Gaming | Streaming
This Server is for and pertaining to the Borderlands Games as developed by Gearbox.
Gaming | Entertainment
Borderlands 3 Discord Server. Crafted custom lfg. Ever expanding leveling system.
Gaming | Community
A community made Borderlands 3 server!
Gaming | Community
Borderlands 3 General Discussion, News, Builds, Save-Files & More!
Gaming | Community
[PC] [N America] Find people to group and chat with! Stop struggling with Matchmaking. Have your questions answered and find the help you need. Join the BL3 Badass Community and make some friends today! Please be patient as the server continues to populate. We play every day and always willing to gr
Role-Playing | Gaming
A Place to RP as Vault Hunters: (People who shoot things and hunt for vaults.)
Gaming | Community
Borderlands 3 Trading/Helping Community Here to help with builds, find people to play with, and provide a place to chill with other players. Over 1900 members with 200 active at most times, and over 300 emojis.