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**===========================IMPORTANT===================================** **Introduction** Hi there! We are a Friendly Group and We would Like you To Join! If we are large enough, WE WILL HELP SMALL SERVERS! :yum: Yep that's right. **Here are some reasons you should join us: -:smile: Friendly staff! :smile: -:moneybag: Robux and V-Bucks Can Be Earned IN This Server :moneybag: -:sunglasses: We support each other :sunglasses: -:no_entry_sign: Strong Ban/Mute/Kick System :no_entry_sign: -:sparkling_heart: Enrollment for Partner in the Server :sparkling_heart: -:cry: Please don't leave the chat! Thanks for reading this! :cry: -:video_game: We have famous simulation games such as Pokecord, Boxbot, and CoinMaster!:video_game: -:thumbsup: Custom Roles! :thumbsup: -:100: 100% Non-Toxic Server! :100: -:heart_eyes: It always evolves and upgrades no matter what so it would make a next difference when you ever leave and come back:heart_eyes:**
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The Lucky 38 is open...Casino floor for all your bot fun...some chat elements a great time killer.
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— fizzy! %%% ☾﹒low mod server ☾﹒aesthetic ☾﹒soda/sweet theme ☾﹒chill ☾ . new server »»————-  ————-««
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Look, I can’t tell you why because you probably aren’t suited anyways. It’s not because you don’t have the skills, the motivation is the problem, which rather makes sense and is probably the better conclusion, but if you engage with the boredom and despair, perhaps then maybe theres room
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A server about Elon’s projects