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Hello! Here in this server you can meet new people, /chat with new people! There are games with bots, and emotes! Note, some of our emotes have a flash. If you have epilepsy, probably wouldn’t recommend joining. I don’t want to cause any attacks! P.s , still learning on how to use the bots, and everything else. If you have any problems, please click on the channel near the bottom that i think says “help” there, you can book a ticket and either a staff, or me ( the owner) will contact you. If we don’t, please go ahead and just message one of us! I’ll be trying to add more emotes and channels in the future! Right now i think i have enough. We do have a suggestion channel, and there you can make suggestions! If you have any questions, contact either a staff, or me (owner). By the way, there might not be many people once you first join, i’ll be trying to add people so everybody has someone to chat with if you aren’t there for the emotes or games!♦️❤️
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💠Join Our Discord Server for Clash of Clans💠 💠**Our server Features**💠 🔶Daily Clash Of Clan News (Reddit+Twitter+YouTube) 🔶Base Layouts 🔶Recruit Members 🔶New and Advanced Global Chat 🔶Create Your Clan Channel for Clan FEED and DONATION Tracking 🔶Experience The Arcade Games 🔶Experience COC The Bots 🔶Level Up Your Rank 🔶Advertising Your Clan/Alliance 🔶 BOT Games: Pokemon, Chess, Dank Memer, Gambling 🔶 Help from Mods
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>----------ARMINX----------< ======A welcoming server for all newbies too====== ??? What is our server based on ??? Anime GAMING & Role Plays **A lot of fun bots are available too join fast!!** Other things :- 1. **Ranking system is available** - get higher ranks higer perks 2. **Self Roles available** - describe yourself easily 3. **Optional NSFW** - you can have access to NSFW but only if you take a specefic role for that 4. **Soon Starting to organize Gaming Events** ***JOIN NOW***