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🌸Welcome to Virtual Reformed community server. We're a NEW GROWING Social Hangout server..that brings amazingly things out of discord like meeting new friends,chat your heart out and play games.. we include Anime, entertainment and movies discussion as well.🌸
Gaming | Community
💠Join Our Discord Server for Clash of Clans💠 💠**Our server Features**💠 🔶Daily Clash Of Clan News (Reddit+Twitter+YouTube) 🔶Base Layouts 🔶Recruit Members 🔶New and Advanced Global Chat 🔶Create Your Clan Channel for Clan FEED and DONATION Tracking 🔶Experience The Arcade Games 🔶Experience COC The Bots 🔶Level Up Your Rank 🔶Advertising Your Clan/Alliance 🔶 BOT Games: Pokemon, Chess, Dank Memer, Gambling 🔶 Help from Mods
Community | Growth
Welcome to White Noise~! ⁰•⁰⁰————•————⁰•⁰⁰ ⊹ -ˏˋ loading server info.. ˊˎ- ⊹ ┆ date : March 2020 ⊹ ┆New Server growing. ⊹ ┆ A small, friendly server, but everyone is welcome! ⊹ ┆ Nice aesthetic ⊹ ┆ A small, community of friends ⊹ ┆ Bots to play with ⊹ ┆ Hoping to grow ⊹ ┆ Welcoming to everyone as long as they are kind, respectful and follow the rules. ⊹ ┆ welcome! owner is Sharkyy (+𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕪𝕪™+ #1716) We hope to see you there!~ ⊹ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶
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Welcome to ⎝ :full_moon: Moon Shrine :shinto_shrine: ⎠ it's a fun small server where you can enjoy, chat and have fun with our members! We serve Bot games, +50 Emojis, art, anime, and more channels, partners! We want to grow up as a great community. Join us and have fun!