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A Minecraft roleplay server for Avatar fans. Bend one of the 4 elements: fire, air, water AND earth! You also have the chance to become the ONE and ONLY avatar! If you are the avatar you can play as long as you die. If you die a random person gets reborn as the Avatar. Subelements transfer to the new one. Run your own town and politics. There are no weapons and armor, this is FULL bending based! So show your skills and be the best bender on AvatarRP!
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Avatar the Last Airbender & Legend of Korra
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Literate, custom lore and characters, active staff and members, unique skill system and more! You will start as a fresh recruit for the army, and make your way to the top, with character development, training, missions quests I can just go on forever. Come join 40+ members and have fun!
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We are the official Avatar discord. We have text channels, voice channels, weekly discussions, games, streams, roles for each nation, and much more! If you have a discord account and love the series, you owe it to yourself to check this server out.
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Sweets on Me is a server in which you can interact, talk to, and possibly even date your favorite anime characters! We accept all ages, races, religions, and sexualities! We're also open to new suggestions to ensure your favorite characters are present aswell!
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Welcome to Warriors: Rise of the Elements! We are a Warrior-cats based roleplay server with elements from Avatar: The Last Airbender! Join the clans and fight with cool elemental powers! We currently have staff positions open! We also are currently not finished with development, so all high ranks will be open and ready to be filled very soon! Please come hang out and roleplay with us once we're open!
Writing | Anime
Avatar: The Last Airbender has made a resurgence in the past few weeks, and the ATLA Creator’s Corner server provides a SFW, friendly community for both veteran and new fans to come together and discuss the show. Here you can share headcanons, share fanfic and fanwork recommendations, and chat about
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Hello, welcome to Zuko’s Left Eye!! we are a new server loosely based on atla where y’all can meet people and vibe. We have fun staff, lax rules, active members, and an inclusive community. Come join and help us build our community!
Role-Playing | Community
this is a ATLA Roleplay server, We are a growing comnity of rpers and we hope that u will join us!!! More information will be administered down below: We have §Fun bots§ §original characters§ §a fun community§ §Lgbtq+ accepting!§ §Amazing staff!§ Come and join and enjoy some fun!
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A fast-growing, fun last Airbender server with a variety of different channels, an interesting roleplay with its own story, watch together's, and more! Join now! The server just went through a revamp.
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Avatar the Last Airbender Fans. Events, Inclusive, Role Assign, Prizes & More
Role-Playing | Social
Hello! We are a welcoming RP server centered around the Avatar universe. We have tons of roleplay channels and opportunities for fun characters and events! Being fairly new, we are still growing, but we'd love to have you! <3