Language | Education
Welcome to Kelutral, the most comprehensive location to learn the Na'vi Language from James Cameron's AVATAR. Fwa ngal fìtsengit ayoeru sunu! We're glad that you're here. Join AVATAR fans from around the world, meet teachers and speakers of the Na'vi Language, and build the hype for AVATAR 2, in theaters December 2021.
Anime | Role-Playing
The Red Lotus works diligently to prepare for Vaatu's arrival, though it may be 500 years away. Take the role of a supporter of the Avatar, an evil follower of Vaatu, or even a completely neutral party, in this server which tells an OC prehistory of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Sandbox Avatar World Role-playing server. Post-Korra
Community | Gaming
A general public unofficial Discord server for Second Life® (all-around topics, public text/voice chat, information management, safe for work, third party).
Anime | Social
Sokka's Cactus Juice Café is a casual Discord server where fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender can gather to talk about various things regarding the beloved show.
Entertainment | Social
Dragon Prince Fandom Server dedicated to discussing, sharing artwork, promoting artist and just overall chatting and chilling along side other users
Gaming | Social
We offer custom gamemodes like SkyPvP, SkyKit, SkyBlock, Avatar and more! What version does Minecraftzocker use? Minecraftzocker server supports Minecraft game version: 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x and more to play! Where is Minecraftzocker located? The Minecraftzocker server is currently hosted in Germany. PLAY NOW:
Entertainment | Role-Playing
ATLA and LOK discussion server, for anyone who loves the show.
Role-Playing | Community
A role playing server based on James Cameron’s Avatar movie.
Role-Playing | Anime
In this server, ATLA: A Story Rewritten, it is a chance to share your characters story. Will they fight along side the Avatar to restore balance to the world? Do they fight to protect their home from Fire Nation soldiers? Or do they fight with a loyalty to their Fire Lord? What will their story be? Here you can discover that. It is the entire series, rewritten! Join the adventure, write as a beloved member of the gaang or villain, bend with your favorite characters, and help your side prevail. Fire Nation or Avatar? With your characters help, who will be victorious?
Anime | Meme
Avatar the Last Airbender & Legend of Korra
Political | Role-Playing
Political RP set in the world of The Legend of Korra
Role-Playing | Community
Literate, custom lore and characters, active staff and members, unique skill system and more! You will start as a fresh recruit for the army, and make your way to the top, with character development, training, missions quests I can just go on forever. Come join 40+ members and have fun!
Entertainment | Community
We have... - Movie/TV Nights - Game Nights - Music/Chill - Surveys - Art contests - Debates - Very nice staff :)
Role-Playing | Anime
An Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra roleplaying server.
Community | Anime
We are the official Avatar discord. We have text channels, voice channels, weekly discussions, games, streams, roles for each nation, and much more! If you have a discord account and love the series, you owe it to yourself to check this server out.
Community | Entertainment
Roblox game community server for an Avatar based game!
Role-Playing | Writing
Welcome to Warriors: Rise of the Elements! We are a Warrior-cats based roleplay server with elements from Avatar: The Last Airbender! Join the clans and fight with cool elemental powers! We currently have staff positions open! We also are currently not finished with development, so all high ranks will be open and ready to be filled very soon! Please come hang out and roleplay with us once we're open!
Writing | Anime
Avatar: The Last Airbender has made a resurgence in the past few weeks, and the ATLA Creator’s Corner server provides a SFW, friendly community for both veteran and new fans to come together and discuss the show. Here you can share headcanons, share fanfic and fanwork recommendations, and chat about
Anime | Community
A fast-growing, fun last Airbender server with a variety of different channels, an interesting roleplay with its own story, watch together's, and more! Join now! The server just went through a revamp.
Gaming | Community
A communal server for Avatar: Pandora Rising, hosted by
Community | Gaming
Welcome To Ro-Bending ------------------------------ Ro-Bending is an RPG game that is in PreAlpha. The RPG is Based Avatar The Last Airbender. Water, Earth, Fire And Air. All the nations are available to join. Each nation is set up and ruled in it's own way. ------------------------------ Developers: Mr_Basilisk - Owner / Head Dev ------------------------------ Ro-Bending was founded and made on 7/5/2020
Role-Playing | Anime
**!! This would occurs all post-Korra !!** This is the lovely universe of ALTA, where the grass is always fresh with life and wind whistling to those passing, this is where our new onset of adventure will begin! Just be careful making your way around these parts, they’re quite dangerous if you cross the wrong kind of person! There’s new faces to see in all the old beloved territories. From the Fire Nation to Republic City, there’s much to behold in this lovely world, indeed! Somewhere the Avatar lurks among us, and that only livens the excitement of being here! The mystery is invigorating, truly! So much to see, so much to do, though the experience is all up to you! ୭̥⋆*。
Community | LGBT
Come join an Avatar-themed girl powered server! We are currently boasting an all female/and or LGBTQ+ community! We are a fairly new and small server (less than 80 members) but we are extremely friendly and tight-knit. Although we have a very small percentage of males on this server, all genders are welcome, as long as you are respectful and help maintain the safe space we have established. We have many bots that'll never make you bored either; Mudae, Dank Memer, Groovy, a competitive leveling system, a marriage bot, and even Color-Chan that'll let you change the color of your name whenever you wish! Come join us for some weekly fun like movie nights and help us create a legendary server together! :)
Community | Social
Hello, welcome to Zuko’s Left Eye!! we are a new server loosely based on atla where y’all can meet people and vibe. We have fun staff, lax rules, active members, and an inclusive community. Come join and help us build our community!