This server is for Warrior cats fans of all fans. The story of the AU is that at the lake territory, there is a terrible snow storm during leaf bare. Wind clan and Thunder clan are forced to hide in the tunnles, Prey is scarce, herbs are dying and star clan isnt answering any questions. Use your own ocs to tell the story of what will happen to these clans.
Falling Leaves is a growing RP community where it is possible for clan cats to receive small powers. Join us and roleplay in the fifth hidden clan to where these cats hide still to this day, until the right day when Starclan allows a new prophecy.
Hello, This is an roleplaying server where its just like the warrior cat series but with a tribe name. There is no story yet, its just simple roleplaying.
A free, warriors-fanbased roleplay and art server!
Palms and Qualms is a story-based Warriors roleplay server! Join now to: - Create a cat in one of four clans, and outside of the clans if you so desire. - Form new friendships both in and out of character. - Participate in plots of all sizes. ...And so much more! Feel free to ask questions!
WCC is a Discord-based traditional four Clan system. It is set several generations after the events of the books. ​ Beginning at the settle around the lakes, the four clans have worked hard to adapt to their new surroundings. From losing everything, their life is finally beginning to piece back together. With the remaining feline from the travel parting ways to the stars, a new generation is beginning to arise, made of strong-minded and young warriors to carry out their legacy. Though as tensions grow, it's a time again for each and every cat to work together despite their differences, and overpower their own vices to keep the peace.
warrior cats fan-made roleplaying server :-)
A literate roleplay based of Warriors, a series written by the Erin Hunters! Come join us and have fun with your own original characters and the server-wide plots!
CURRENTLY STARTING THE FIRST EVENT! -3 leader, 2 deputy, and 1 medcat role(s) open! -All five clans! -Old forest! -Heart pounding plot! Before Firestar entered the forest, before Yellowfang was born, before Tallstar entered the tunnels... A disease ravaged the clans. Nobody knew what it was. Nobody knew how to stop it. Treatment seemed impossible. Fever. Delirium. Blood. Madness. Would anyone survive?
A warrior cats roleplay with a fantasy twist! Each clan has it's own special unique look and abilities. - Leafclan, those who are one with nature and strive to spread how important it is. - Hollowclan, blind wanderers of a large twisted cave with their heightened senses of hearing and smell to guide them. - Seaclan, cats who live their lives underwater and are commonly joked about being more fish than cat. - Cloudclan, fluffy warriors who live in the sky with a curse that makes them become one with it if they stay up too long. Where will you begin in this strange world of Warriors? Several high ranking positions are open! Join to claim them!
A warrior cats roleplay where the tension at gatherings is enough to suffocate the MoorClan, BitterClan cats. We’re brand new and looking for new members, hope you can join us soon!
Welcome to the clans of jinani island. Let me tell you a little about this island. We have four clans abyssclan, they make their home in a system of caverns but know how to use the trees to their advantage. They are stealthy and have mostly dark colored pelts. Next to them is meadowclan this clan choses to make their home in a meadow not much is known about meadowclan. Next to meadowclan is driftclan. Driftclan likes to do things differently than than abyssclan and meadow. They train their apprentices to either gaurd fight or to do both. Lastly we have marshclan they chose to live in the Marsh. They have very similar customs to driftclans customs. Their pelts are slick and they know how to swim very well. It isn't all that common to see a cat with a dark pelt in this clan.