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This is an 18+ community for adults with EDs. This server is not for the promotion or glorification for the disease, but it is a community to help people who suffer with EDs to have a group of people to relate to and understand. It is moderated and vetted to ensure only adults with EDs join, no minors or creeps.
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Flourish is a mental health server focused on recovery and wellbeing. It also mainly targets Eating Disorder topics. We pride ourselves in a supportive group of people that can also be very memey and fun to talk to. We offer... - 80+ channels, - lots n' lots of roles, - recovery techniques & support, - nitro giveaways & events, - over 150 emotes, - but most importantly, a loving group of people that want to support you through your journey of recovery. Come join our community today and see what we have to offer! <3