Community | Social
This is a friendly server where people can share friends and make memories! We host events once a week and talk with each other!
Anime | Emoji
SuTart saved!
Anime | Role-Playing
Taking the time to make the best service possible for Marshmellow Fluff has the potential to be your one-stop shop for all cute and little things! Come join us today!
Support | Community
We are a 16+ server dedicated to providing lost )and even not lost) littles a place to rid themselves of all worries. We have caregivers ONLY as staff to help take care of our little members. This is a self help server to help you take care of yourself. <3
Community | Support
Looking for advice? need some help? Created for the /r/Advice subreddit on Reddit which has over 99k Subscribers. This is a brand new server, this is a place where you can ask for advice on any subject. Also for people who believe they are great at providing help and support, or good advice.
Education | Community
For the furry little Sugar Gliders of the world! Are you interested in them? Want to learn more on them in general or how to care for them correctly as a pet? This is the place for you!