Education | Community | Political
Discord's original and most active education server. 🎓 Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! ☀️
Education | Community | Political
Discord's original and most active education server. 🎓 Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! ☀️
Gaming | Community
Immunity, a fast-paced arcade shooter with endless waves of relentless enemies. Play as the last surviving white blood-cell and destroy opposing threats that only wish to vanquish you. Join the Immunity community to compete in upcoming contests and receive all of the latest updates regarding Immunity (Coming Late November 2019). I promise, we don't have cooties. We've been playing IMMUNITY!
Gaming | Community
Up and coming community based around the idea of dropping in anytime you'd like to game with friends. Too many clans/communities nowadays have rules/regulations/trial periods. We throw all that away and if you want to jump right into the action we aim to provide that for you. No weird registrations or ridiculous sign up process, no restrictions on what games you're allowed to play. We aim to be your casual laid back hangout spot to play games with your friends/family.
Gaming | Military
Casual mil-sim community primarily playing Squad
Community | Meme
The Church of Llama Houston is a friendly community server that mimicks religion by worshipping a llama.
Gaming | Entertainment
Shockwave is a casual - competitive fortnite clan.
Hobbies | Gaming
Chill and play games :}
Mature | Social | Community
Come goof off with (mostly) mature 20⇨40 somethings and form some genuine online friendships. Share your art / food / geekery with us!
Mature | Social | Community
Come goof off with (mostly) mature 20⇨40 somethings and form some genuine online friendships. Share your art / food / geekery with us!
Community | Gaming
fun fact: clicking join automatically increases your peepee size by 2
Gaming | Education
A community of education for Summoners from League of Legends. We provide free coaching, VOD Reviews and other helpful tools to help fellow summoners (Both Individuals and teams) learn & improve in League of Legends. North American (US/Canada) & Europe (EUW/EUNE) Regions Only!
eSports | Community
fortnite apex legends counterstrike call of duty minecraft community casual competitive friendly NA EU rainbow six team
Art | Community
Welcome to the party! This server is a casual talk server, with some parts for roleplay! There’s a lot of Danganronpa, but any type of fandom is allowed, as long as it isn’t nsfw or gorey. I hope you’ll join :D!
Social | Music
Leechy's Traphouse is a server for being social and making new friends, and the main attractions are music and video games!
Gaming | Community
Online casual gaming community
Social | Support
Casual chill memes art poetry world news positivity self help guidance friendship gaming music movies
Community | Social
We're a group of people from around the globe looking to make some friends. The server was inspired from the r/MakeNewFriendsHere subreddit and continues as such with the primary goal of bringing people together.
Gaming | Community
Chill gaming and general discord for those who are DTE.
Social | Community
Sometimes wholesome sometimes edgy group of non-politically correct doomers and zoomers
Tabletop | Role-Playing
An RPG server based off of D&D. No strict campaign so all are welcome.
Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 Hub: The most advanced and versatile TF2 server! 》 Come hang out with a few of your favorite streamers and youtubers! 》 Make friends and play with some of the chillest people on the planet! 》 Share your favorite art, screenshots, and sfm posters!
Anime | Community
A fairy-centric touhou server! A friendly place to do anything touhou relate, hang out, have fun etc. Love the fairys now
Gaming | Social
Server made for gamers by gamers. New server made to talk about games and tech stuff. feel free to join!
Social | Gaming
Buenas, CasualesARG es un clan que tiene el objetivo de formar una comunidad solida para jugar cualquier cosa, charlar, compartir memes, etc. Cualquiera es bienvenido!
Gaming | Social
Variety gaming/social community!
Gaming | eSports
Rainbow Six Siege,R6siege,R6,Gaming,nett,cool
Gaming | Community
Friendly, active gaming community! :)
Social | Gaming
This server is fresh, active, casual and forever pending. While you're here, you can socialize, play games together and get giveaway gifts.
Community | Programming
Server for the top-secret Cosby project. We need people for the team so this server was set up as a recruiting ground.
Community | Social
The Roost is a relatively new community server where you can come in, relax, and meet some new friends!
Gaming | Support
Rainbow six siege sever made to connect people together so they can play ranked together or causal together. We even support all gaming platforms with siege (Xbox, Playstation and PC). We even have chats and we often host or setup rank and custom games.
Gaming | Social - MultiGaming Was wir bieten: Aktive Voicemember Erwachsene Spieler Gamingevents Selbst enwickelter Discordbot mit innovativen Funktionen News zu kostenlosen Spieleangeboten Verschiedene Game Server
Community | Social
an epic and swag server for cool dudes lgbtqia+ friendly
Role-Playing | Art
eastbury is a casual, free-form, laid-back and relaxed anthro rp with an emphasis on stress-relief, creativity and having fun! we hope you enjoy your stay!
Gaming | Community
A friendly and very welcoming gaming and hangout server!
Gaming | Sports
Game: Rocket League Club Name: Antarctica Esports (AES) Description: The official Esports team of Antarctica! We are looking for casual or competitive players. Join us if you want a team to improve your skills with! Requirements: From Gold to Grand Champion, must be at least 13 years old Platform: Any platform, all are welcome! Region: NA east, but we are looking into establishing more teams for other regions. DM me if interested in joining!
Community | LGBT
A safe space for people of all ages to meet new friends or maybe find a special someone. Could this be a place for you? Check out what we have for you!
Role-Playing | Furry
Casual RolePlay focused on a post apocalyptic world. Welcome to new roleplayers and new alike! Friendly staff and players. Ceta, the name of the new center of known civilization, a shining beacon in the wastes. Its location is within the spacious grasslands, close to the wild and thick woodlands to the west, and approximately 20 miles away from the nearest ocean, through the grasslands to the east. Up north through the grass leads to more desolate and sandy areas of the desert wastes. Southwards runs along the border of the grasslands and woods, towards mighty mountain ranges.
Gaming | Social
Come join our family of Modern Warfare assassins 🎮 Competitive and casual gamemodes, as well as custom matches frequency hosted by the owner.