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Our community is a dedicated Call of Duty: LFG Looking for Group server for all platforms! All games, all platforms, and a friendly community
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Fun and Chill Server to do whatever you want! Gaming, Art, Chilling and just having fun. So come join us!
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💯 >ColdWarZone©<💯 NOW OVER 200 MEMBERS!!! Thank you all so so much. You have no idea how much this means to me!💕
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Discord server) General, LFG, and more
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Joining Caustic Gaming is simple. First, be 16+, be from NA or EU, and play on PC. Second, click the Discord button at the top right of this page. Third, enter our Discord server, read the rules in the lobby and type ?agree in the lobby to signify that you've reviewed the terms of the Discord. Within 10 seconds, you will automatically be given the "Member" role and the Discord will be unlocked to you. Be sure to visit #games-you-play to assign yourself specific game roles to gain access to those game categories! Currently we offer game channels for for the following games: Among Us, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, CS:GO, Destiny 2, D&D, Fortnite, Halo, League of Legends, Minecraft, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Valorant, Rust/EFT/Hunt Showdown, World of Warcraft and "Other Games" to cover anything else. If you're interested in a fun, laid back community, hit the Discord button to join!!
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jinxs cold war server is a cold war bot lobby service for multiplayer and zombies. we have the best prices around 2x Xp is out right now get a lobby while it’s active!!!!!!
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This Server is a Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies Bot Lobby Server. We offer: Godmode Unlimited Ammo Instant Kill Camo Unlocks BattlePass Xp Multiplayer Xp Player Levels {We also have cheap prices and if you invite 5 or more persons to the server you will get a free 30 minute lobby.} {We also offer a $5 review lobby, this is where u join our lobby and see exactly what you will be doing and to see if you want to pay for a regular lobby}. Hope To See You All :)
We offer the cheapest and most reliable modded XP lobbies for cold war. What can you get? -Multiplayer levels -Max weapon levels and camos -Calling card challenges -Weapon mastery Are we trusted? We have just started this server and already have 40 members of our community! You will NOT get banned doing this, we have tested it on multiple platforms and lobbies, and we have not had a single ban How to join? Just use this discord link: and pm Itachi Uchiha#7744 What are our prices? Basic 30min-5$ Basic 1hr-10$ Basic 2hr 18$ Basic 3hr-27$ Basic 24hr 160$ Basic tool 50$ (24hr) Big xp 30min -10$(coming soon) Big xp lobby 1hr-16$(coming soon) Big xp lobby 2hr-30$(coming soon) Big xp lobby 3 hr-40$ (coming soon) 3$+ friend You can also directly purchase the modded lobby tool for use of your own if please.
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We sell modded lobbies with Level XP, Weapon XP, and Camo Grinding. The mods are 100% legit we also do provide a legitimacy chat where customers who have bought packages to show pictures or videos of the mods working. We only Accept Venmo and Paypal.
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This is a community server to wager your fellow call of duty players. You will be able to wager any amount of money up to £100! This will be the safest way to play wagers because of our trusted middle-man system Our middle-man system includes both participants to pay before the wager to our middle-man pot and when the winner has proof of there win they will be transferred the full amount with a small 10% of the winning being deducted
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Want cheap Cold War mods on ANY platform? We do giveaways, competitions & even invite rewards for many services such as: - Levels ranging from 200-1000 - MAX weapon levels (10 mins) - Dark Aether camo (10 mins) - Plague diamond for any amount of classes from 1-8. We accept PayPal & CashApp as payment methods & have 2 active hosters who also give you your service the day you pay!
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LFG for Call of Duty Cold War. Tech help and Support. Join for players to play with
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Hallo Wir sind ein CoD ColdWar Discord mit einer freunlichen Community. Wir veranstalten Turniere und viele andere nice Events Join gerne mal
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CHEAP 💰 |FIREBASE✔ | INSTANT DARK AETHER✔ | XP LOBBY✔ | 270+ Members and Vouches✔ | NOT FOR FREE ❌ You get all weapons on MAX and Prestigemaster, including the camos. Channel YouTube: Your Lobbyshost
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Welcome to MindOfCam's Coldwar/Mw/Wz xp server! What I offer: Coldwar; -max rank level 1000 -all guns max level -dark aether on all guns (1 kill per gun) -round 100 -all reticles for zombies unlocked -max zombies crystals -weapon mastery calling cards Modern warfare/Warzone; -max rank 1000(through coldwar) -mw gun ranks -dark matter ultra camo -verified level 1 accounts -30k plus kills accounts -damascus accounts If there is anything not listed what youre after just give me a message and i will see if i can sort it!
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Welcome to Rated-M™ Gaming! ‣ We are here to become one of best teams in Call of Duty & Call of Duty Mobile. ‣ We wish to provide our teams and community alike with quality designs, content, and gameplay. We are looking for: ‣ Active players ‣ Content Creators & Streamers ‣ Experienced Designers & Editors ‣ Managers & Moderators We Offer: ‣ Daily Team Practices ‣ CodCasting Stream Services ‣ Discord Mini Games such as Pokécord, Idle RPG, and more! ‣ Music Lounge featuring the Rythm Bot! ‣ A Movie Theater for those who want to watch a movie on our discord! We hope to see you join our community soon!
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We are new gamers and streamers. We raise money for veterans causes. 22 veterans a day commit suicide and that is NOT OKAY! Lets change the stigma of seeking help. It takes strength to change! RAGE ON MINIONS!! Suicide hotline: (800) 273-8255
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We provide exclusive services to the community including Dark Aether, Dm-Ultra, cod point unlocks, and unlock whatever you want. If you are interested join our server and grab a good deal today!