Community | YouTuber
Welcome to the Creative Crew, a community server for the channel of The Unknown Artist. Here, we have all sorts of activities and events, such as movie nights, minigames in the server (ex: Pokemon, rpg adventures, tabletop), art competitions, community events, skits, tournaments and more! Also, you can just sit back, listen to some music, and chat with everyone as we are all very welcoming and open! New videos are announced in #going-live, and any updates for the server and events will be in announcements! Hope to see you there :)
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to Knights of the four towers! We are a channel focused on roblox/minecraft. We hold competitions and more!
Entertainment | Hobbies
The Hangout is a lovely place to share memes, make friends, and kill some time. You can show your skills off by creating artworks, memes for the server, and so much more! ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• >we have< 「friendly staff」 「kind & active members」 「competitions for prizes」 「monthly hidden puzzles」 「game nights」 「custom bots」 「places to vent 」 ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• We hope that you’ll join and have a great time:sparkles:
Community | Gaming
Socializing server and gaming server!
Community | Meme
The Treasure Trove is a new social server which to hangout in! We offer giveaways, competitions, staff applications, bots, emotes/emojis and more! Join today! :D
Community | Gaming
A community server, mainly focused on all rhythm games!
Entertainment | Hobbies
Hello Everyone! Please make sure to join our server! We are a huge community with so much Fun! We would like you to join, so that we can grow the cubing community! We hold many events for the fun of everyone!
Gaming | Streaming
Kieran's Games is a Discord Server for an upcoming growing youtube that works hard every day to put out never been seen before unique content! We host many Minecraft Competitions not only PVP but also Building!
Entertainment | Community
This server is a community server based around Runescape and Oldschool Runescape, we offer giveaways, competitions and other ingame related content, our sister server also offers Casino games to play, our website will soon be available too! We offer: ▪︎200M given away each week!💰 ▪︎Daily events, never a dull moment!🎪 ▪︎Weekly leaderboard rewards!📈 ▪︎Weekly 07 skilling competition!🪓 ▪︎Casino games, Dice, Blackjack, Flower Poker, Slots, Roulette + More!🎰 ▪︎Daily poker games!🃏
Art | Hobbies
This server is for artists who want to improve their skills and attend events.
Gaming | Community
The Game Hub Daily Giveaways and Competitions! Game Hub Championships This Friday!! Friendly Community! Meme Bots! Plenty of team spaces left! Looking for more active mods!! Music Room! Gaming VC's! Active Members! Levels and Loads of Earnable Roles! This Friday 5pm GMT The Game Hub Championships will be hosted! Six different game, two different teams! Come join us! Winning team receives three roles and 50 robux each! If you wish to join the championships join the server and read announcements! Hopefully see you there!
Art | Community
⁎ ☆ The Art Club ☆ ⁎ Hey! If you are looking for a friendly/chill artist community then this is the server for you! Even if you aren’t an artist you’re still very welcome to join! ------------✧ We offer ✧------------ Various channels for chatting and sharing art! A Friendly/Chill/Supportive Community! Weekly Art Competitions! Weekly Draw This In Your Style! QOTD! Fun Fact Of The Day! Level System! Lot’s of Roles! Active/Friendly Staff! More is constantly being added! The only requirement is to be 13+! Come and check out this amazing server!
Gaming | Music
Pirates of Hell is a new server that does gaming/music competitions! We also livestream games & movies.
Anime | Art
This is a server set on an island with a mansion on top, members of the server explore the mansion and the island play games get roles to become island staff and much more there are also custom roles and even custom private channels and much more :D
Gaming | Sports
A Gaming tournament server where you can compete for the chance of winning prizes!