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🗽Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the freedom is plentiful! This small community emulates U.S politics and state politics (NY, CA, FL, etc)!
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🇺🇸 AmericanGovSim is a discord based American political simulation 🇺🇸 ⭐ Political Debates ⭐ Run in elections ⭐ Write your own legislation ⭐ Campaign for office ⭐ Featuring all three branches of the Federal Government ⭐ Three State Governments 🇺🇸 Join Today! 🇺🇸
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United States Government Simulator is a political simulation committed to providing players with a realistic government simulation experience. There is so much to do in this community. Here are some of our features: * Create your own character and claim your seat in the United States Senate or House of Representatives. * Write, debate, and pass legislation in committees and on the floor of the Senate and House. Experience the legislative process live! * Participate in media interviews (or play as a member of the media yourself), make speeches to your constituents, and climb your way up the Washington ladder! * Compete in elections during monthly election cycles! Become the President, become the Vice President! * Have your own Twitter page! * Work your way up as a ranking member of your body of Congress! * And a lot more! We're a growing community and we hope you'll choose to join in on the fun!