Many people get depressed at one point or another throughout life. Whether it’s caused by death of a family member, environmental stress, or mental illness, feelings of depression can become difficult for many people. Unfortunately some people get so depressed as a result of their mental illness or life circumstances, that they consider suicide as an option to escape from their emotional pain. We want to help prevent that, because suicide is a critical thing, you should not do. Please join if you are experiencing any thoughts and would like to talk to someone without the fear of being judged! :)
Education | Science
Traditional Astrology is the only server devoted to the study of traditional western astrology as practiced from ancient times through the renaissance. We are a serious minded community devoted to learning, with many educational resources available, and are accepting of newcomers to the art as well as experts alike.
Community | Support
If you have a lot of problems and you wanna talk about them with random people who won't judge you then join this server! Rant Away has all the things you need to help you with your ranting: there’s counselors, a channel for private messaging, a bot that gives hugs, daily motivational quotes and more!! Even if you don't have anything to rant about, you can join the server. We have channels for music, games, memes and other!
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Your Worries Here is a server dedicated to providing a judgment and toxicity-free environment for people to feel safe in, to be able to make friends, and enrich their social life.
Support | Community
We are a community-based and serious server focused on rehabilitating people with depression or suicidal thoughts and giving general advice in any facet of life. Our staff is dedicated to making you the best person you can be. We have events, other channels, and a community to interact with. Anyone can become a counselor, tutor, or advisor. If you wish to help others and become part of our staff, we are the server for you. In addition, our staff receives training, and help to improve your support skills. Thanks for joining Suicide Support 2.0