Keeping crazy furs isolated from society. Straitjacketed and nicely locked up in their padded cells. An asylum themed furry rp server. We do RPs and ERPs.
The name means upside down nation. We are a nation of Gamers, Youtubers, Programmers and the fans of Vizzi (youtuber). We together can make awesome stuff and support each other (we allow promotions) while having loads of fun and meeting different people in corners of this world. You may come and join the battle of fun and improvement by joining our server.
Welcome to kagaguhan! Kagaguhan is a Filipino server dedicated to having good times with other Filipinos.
*ACTIVE CHAT* Crazy chat, meet good friends and play some games with us. JOIN TODAY!
∆•¶÷✧°| Dοмαιи |°✧±-×~* We are a fairly new community, aiming to grow as a place where everyone's comfortable. When entering, you'll see: ¹' Well organized bots & channels; ²' Friendly members; ³' Responsible staff; ⁴' Color roles; And much more! We're also looking for staff that enjoys doing their work from their heart. ♡+:•∴”:♡.•♬✧♡+:•∴”:♡.•♬✧
an anything-really server that proudly boasts a creative department and a buncha cool people and cooler stuff
Rejoignez la communauté du projet CrazyBattle qui est un nouveau genre de BattleRoyale se démarquant par les innovations ahurissantes! Entièrement gratuit !