Music | Hobbies
A server dedicated to the music made by AG Club.
Gaming | Community
A place where all gamers can talk and play together! However don't ask anything if the conversations get weird!
Language | Meme
Welcome to kagaguhan! Kagaguhan is a Filipino server dedicated to having good times with other Filipinos.
Social | Community
∆•¶÷✧°| Dοмαιи |°✧±-×~* We are a fairly new community, aiming to grow as a place where everyone's comfortable. When entering, you'll see: ¹' Well organized bots & channels; ²' Friendly members; ³' Responsible staff; ⁴' Color roles; And much more! We're also looking for staff that enjoys doing their work from their heart. ♡+:•∴”:♡.•♬✧♡+:•∴”:♡.•♬✧
Community | Meme
Paradox! Paradox is a small community server! -------------------------------------- What we offer 1 - Good Community 2 - Good staff 3 - Good bots 4 - Marketplace 5 - Currency System ------------------------------------ Hope to see you in here soon! Bye!
Community | Entertainment
cool server
Gaming | Entertainment
Hi we are a calm and peaceful server for gaming based content. We would love to have you in our Meteor-Community.