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Primul server oficial romanesc al jocului Party Animals | First official romanian server for the game Party Animals
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»»————-  ————-«« Welcome to Cyberpunk: Vanquish. We are a new server so give us a chance if it seems empty! Our server is a heavily themed Cyberpunk 2077 roleplaying server that takes on the futuristic roles and aesthetics of our next modern world. Detailed literacy is required in our server, NO ONE-LINERS! We accept everyone in our community and are toxic-free, ask the staff any questions if you need assistance! Keep in mind, our lore takes on a deep subject; with murderers to unbelievable crimes, etc. We like it dramatic and serious here. If this is something you're interested in, hop right in! We deserve you your best experience in our roleplaying community. Go on ahead and even invite your friends to roleplay with ya! (Our lore is too long to fit on here, sorry.) »»————-  ————-«« WHAT DO WE HAVE? ➪ A unique and substantial lore! ➪ Meme and music bots! ➪ A toxic-free community! ➪ Many roleplaying channels! ➪ Literate Roleplays! »»————-  ————-««
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A tight-knit Cyberpunk 2077 discussion and theorycrafting server for all your cyberpunk-related needs! | Created by Kim#9999
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1er discord en France dédié à Cyberpunk 2077 ! Ici se rassemble la communauté francophone fan du travail de CD Projekt pour partager autour de Cyberpunk 2077. News, infos, théories, images et autres discussions sont au rendez-vous !
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Hey there if you love the Cyberpunk 2077 game and gaming as a whole why not join! We support Memes, Gaming, Self-promotion and lots more!
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comunidad en español de cyberpunk 2077
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Many games such as Among Us, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft and many more! A growing community for everybody.
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We know you're here from the terminal Easter Egg. We welcome you! Welcome To Night City. Discords #1 Cyberpunk 2077 focused server. With a large, active community, you will never be bored here. 🛑 Spoiler Free Community! 🎬 Streamer Paradise! Help build your brand and find your audience! 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQA+ and Non LGBTQA+ Friendly 📣 Self Promo Channel 🎤 Debate Channels for Politics and More 📂 Needs Staff 🌹 Blossoming Culture 🎦 Milestone Movie Nights 🔧 User Curated Custom Channels 📣 Limitless Self Promo 🎁 Interactive Social Bots 🎨 Hobby Showcase 💰Art Commissions 🔢 Counting Channel ✅ Role Verification ⭐ Customizable Pings
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Howdy hey hi hello! Are you a gamer who needs some friends to play with? Or are you a content creator looking for somewhere to promote your brand? Or maybe you just want a new "chill corner" to hang and talk with random people about random shit. Well, you can find all of these here in this server! Well, here we have an NSFW channel for you horny bastards, as well as an among us channel for those of you looking to get your suspicions going. We also have channels for animal crossing, smash brothers and al l your other favorite nintendo games. I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Bienvenue à CyberCity ! La cité cybernétique 🌃 CyberCity est un tout nouveau serveur créé le 10 Janvier 2021, inspiré du style cyberpunk et du jeu cyberpunk 2077, notre but étant de rassembler plusieurs fans de ce style et de ce jeu. Alors rejoignez-nous pour devenir **LA** légende de la cité du futur ! Ce que tu peut trouvez sur ce serveur : - 🎲 Des concours et animations régulière pour que tu ne t'ennuie jamais ! - 🦾 Te greffer des implants cybernétique pour te rendre plus fort et d'avoir des avantages considérable - ✨ Te créer un nom en construisant ton clan, commande et rôle personnalisé etc... - 🎭 Des rôles inspirés de cyberpunk 2077 exclusif - ❄️ Des événements saisonniers - 🛠️ Un staff réactif et à l'écoute pour t'aider et protéger le serveur - 🧿 Différents badges à remporter pour te démarquer des autres - 😂 Une communauté sympa, pleins de délires et beaucoup de rigolade ! *Alors viens rejoindre CyberCity pour devenir la légende du futur !