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Grupo de comunicação da Ehnvests - Destinado a assuntos pertinentes à finanças.
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LEARN TO INVEST AND TRADE THE STOCK MARKET WITH LOW RISK STRATEGIES! We are determined to help every trader learn and improve daily, become self-sufficient and consistently profitable each and every day, but more importantly year after year. We achieve this by teaching and mentoring members with proven strategies and technical analysis for daytrading, swingtrading, and investing in the stock market. Join our friendly community, where you learn to profit consistently with our trading methods! No matter your experience, we would love to have you on our trading team!!! Come see if we are right for you! 3 Day Trial Available! —————————————
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Virtuelles Handelsbüro, Händler im Bereich Forex & CFD. 0 Erfahrung notwendig, aber gewünscht. Wir verstehen uns als beständige Händler im Sinne der Markttechnik und legen auf dem Discordserver unsere Trades offen. So profitieren wir voneinander und lernen voneinander.
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OptionsFamBot is a free stock bot featuring stocks, options, and crypto commands/charting.