Comunidade de Dead by Daylight Brasileira!
Servidor do Reversa, venha conversar comigo e meus amigos, jogar juntos e se divertir.
Dead by SWF is a community built for all things related to the game Dead By Daylight. We have an active playerbase to discuss killer stategies, set up Survive/Kill With Friend groups, and go over perks together and just come up with general builds for the game. We do also support a few other games and have channels dedicated to them and our many SWF/KYF groups.. We also do have stream notifications if someone wants to sign up for those as well. We are looking to have as many active people as we possibly can to keep mutiple groups going so we can develop into a larger gaming community with several branches in the future.
Used to be an active server but I went to basic training for the Air Force and the server quieted down, looking for active participants
Old server of 800 people getting revived. Come talk to us and help us get the server going again. Thighs and League included.
The Gamer's Republic hosts a variety of games, with room for expansion. We are welcoming and wish to provide a pleasant community for all players. We're a new server, looking for more members, come and join us if you want to have fun and meet different people, the more the merrier!
Dead by daylight service with: -legacy cheating -bloodpoints cheating -items/addons/offerings cheating -many other services.
Welcome To The Generation! --The Most Chill and Friendly Discord In The World! Promote your Streams! Post your memes Weekly Twitch Raids!
Community Discord Server von 'Adrian'. YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Tellonym: Discord: Adrian#0007
Servidor para jogadores de Dead by Daylight Mobile do Brasil.
A general public chat/voice coms for discord users that provides uninterrupted gameplay with your friends in mulitiple platforms
Servidor focada no mundo da programação. Feito para usuários do aplicativo "Bot Designer For Discord" - Aqui você poderá criar novas amizades e se divertir além de aprender a programar e testar seus bot para discord.
nouveau serveur a disposition pour jouer à des jeux comme hots dbd etc...