Have you ever wanted a server that is lewd, sick, and degenerate, without it being a purely porn server where you "have fun" and leave? Ever wanted to bond with people over lewds? Do you miss the sense of community that was the R34, e621, and Newgrounds adult comment section? Do you like the community that is Zone-TV and Shadbase, and wonder why its rare for people to socialize over lewdness? Well, look no further, for this is exactly what this server is all about. The Cult of the Pink Flame is here to be your home to find your kind~ "But what is the Pink Flame, you ask?" You know it very well; the sweet scorch of a sick fantasy that leaves you intoxicated, hot and bothered~ Join us today, and we promise to deliver all your fantasies~
A small but fun roleplay server when you can play as a human, demon, angel, or any hybrid! Please join, the more people the better it gets!
A server for Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba fans! Discussion for both manga readers and anime only watchers! Friendly members and staff, as well as people to talk about KnY and other animes as well! Server includes ranking system, selectable roles, and unique server emotes.
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
Gayana is related to a Gay Male ERP Server, setteled in a parallel world of Earth, where casual sex and kinky behavior is welcommed. Additional it offers too non Roleplayrooms for no Roleplayers.
good server , maybe , i mean we are friendly and fun to talk to so if you are bored or/and sad and depressed , if you are anything at all join , lol see you soon :)
Become a witch and step foot into the Magic Realm. Join the W.I.T.C.H Academy and fight demons to protect the magic and mortal realm in this new roleplay! 🎃 Original Story and Lore! 🔮 Turn-based duelling system 🎃 Perform Magic and other abilities! 🔮 High Fantasy RP! 🎃 Fight monsters and demons! 🔮 Participate in events to rank up and grow your character's strength! 🎃 And More!
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