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Welcome to the City of Neo-Eden! The first human colony in the Digital World! After years of hard work humanity has managed to find a way to open a permanent gate between the Real World and the Digital World. Now humans can travel with ease to the Digital World, on a whim really. A prosperous city was built on a large island. The city is home to both humans and Digimon alike. Friendships will be started, bonds will be formed, and a new life is for everyone that wishes it. However, most of the island is still untamed, dangerous and powerful wild Digimon roam those areas. It is advised not to go there. But what is adventure without danger? Those that wish to become real tamers must be willing to risk it all! And as long as they have their partner Digimon with them nothing is impossible. But, a partner might not be enough. Some tamers have opted to create groups of trainers and Digimon to try to protect Neo Eden their way.
Anime | Community
[18+ ONLY!] The Sorato Discord Server is a safe community for fans of the relationship between Sora Takenouchi and Yamato (Matt) Ishida. We chat about Digimon Adventure, 02, tri., Last Evolution Kizuna and the 2020 reboot series - as well as life in general. We also stream the latest 2020 reboot episode every week, and play online games together. We’d love for you to join us if you’re a Sorato fan! :)
YouTuber | Gaming
Growing Community of Hooligans trying to form a Hooligang!
Role-Playing | Anime
A Digimon rp chat
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Hello! Welcome to the Tamagotchi Collectors Discord! The largest real-time chat group for virtual pet lovers! Feel free to join us at Facebook too at ! Tamagotchi Collectors is for lovers of Tamagotchi, Giga Pets, Digimon and all Virtual Pet toys & games. We do frequent group hatches, giveaways, discuss all things Tamagotchi/Digimon/Virtual-Pet (and of course other stuff in our Off-Topic area) Join us if you're interested in Virtual Pets!
Anime | Gaming
Primarily a guild focused server, but we also have a weeb and gaming section and welcome pretty much anyone to have healthy discussions or game together!
Anime | Gaming
Digimon Gaming Community
Role-Playing | Anime
A digimon RP server that takes place on the floating skies!
Entertainment | Gaming
I have been working on this server since late last year, but it's hard to find people who are willing give this server a chance This server is dedicated to you having as much fun as possible! We have chat rooms like the Default Chat, Gaming, Anime, Superheroes, Star Wars, Cartoons, Movies & More! We have tons of games, like Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Uno, Idle RPG & More! Pokémon Tournaments and Hunger Games Tournaments will start once we get 50 members We have got tons of variety when it comes to memes You can also advertise your Youtube, Instagram, Discord Server & anything else you want advertised! And we also take your suggestions, to make this place as fun as possible for you So please give us a chance!
Role-Playing | Anime
Basically you get transported to the digital world, which is now a tower with more than 50 floors, and you encounter your partner Digimon. Go on an adventure to change the world with other kids!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Server for Digimon rp and games
Anime | Role-Playing
A fantasy/medieval themed Digimon rp that centers around a fantasy world where the digital world and the human world are one. The world is free roam and allows a variety of classes for human characters as well as allowing for a variety in digimon characters!
Tabletop | Role-Playing | Gaming
Digimon: Codex Regius is a newly made TTRPG Digimon server using the Digimon Digital Adventures 1.3 system and is a play-by-post server so no Voice Calls required. We allow the use of Fanmade Digimon as long as you credit the artists. We have the permission of a few Artists to use their Fan Made Digimon as well. join us as we expand our community and have some good ole fun. (Beginner friendly). its been three years since ZeedMillenniummon was sealed away and the Wicked God's Calamity came to an end. The Digital World is only just getting back on its feet as everyone works together to fix the damage that had been done but humans are being plucked from the real world at the same rate as when the Wicked God had tried to destroy everything... this is where you come in... “He is awake and you will worship him as he bathes under the black sun”
Anime | Gaming
Ryuu-Rogue fansub discord. Mostly known for Digimon and Inazuma Eleven fansubs... we've done a lot of other things too. The founder (Splash) also really wants more people to talk Fire Emblem with. Especially high tier play in FEH. :o
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In the beginning there was Yggdrasil, the mighty master server that ruled, controlled and gave life to the Digital World. As time passed and evolved greatly two forces eventually came to being, the Seven Demons that fight against the peace and the Royal Knights that have been assigned by Yggdrasil to fight for peace. Both forces aggressively fought against each other in a never-ending war of darkness versus the light, causing much collateral damage amongst the other digimon that happened to get in-between the fighting. Yggdrasil getting sick of the violence tried to end it by forcing both sides to digivolve to peak perfection, causing the Digital World to split and shatter the Digital World from the strongest battle with no winner rising from the ashes. With the Digital World now seeping into the Real World, Yggdrasil seeks out promising humans to help restore the digital world and fight against the dark forces of the Seven Demon Lords who seek to rule the Digital World themselves.