Hello everyone. In the modern age, where distrust in public representatives, institutions, and ideals is at an all-time low, especially among the younger generations, proof is emerging that young people can generate change. Where does this change come from? Too often it seems to stem from a purposeless strife, with about as much forethought as afterthought. Imagine a world where people all over the world can debate calmly and interact semi-professionally from the comfort of their homes. The underlying technology is there -- and now the platform is there too.
For those a bit fucked in the head. Self assignable roles and colours. Focus on Personality Disorders and Psychology discussion. All welcome. We're not a "everything goes" server but we are pretty relaxed.
A NEW and FAST-GROWING server for civil debate and discourse. We feature a range of topics including Politics, Philosophy, Science, History and Tech, a friendly community, great moderation team, numerous roles, and game nights. Hope to see you here!
just a cool server to meet people and see what happens