Community | Political
A brand new unbiased political server focusing on social, economic and historical issues with mod opportunities. Your opinion will not be silenced by partial mods while civil debate is always encouraged.
Community | LGBT
A place for all sides of LGBTQ+ discourse. Tucute, transmed, inclusionist, exclusionist, whatever, you're welcome here to talk with other people.
Social | Political
We Have Power
Community | Social
For those a bit fucked in the head. Self assignable roles and colours. Focus on Personality Disorders and Psychology discussion. All welcome. We're not a "everything goes" server but we are pretty relaxed.
Community | Technology
A NEW and FAST-GROWING server for civil debate and discourse. We feature a range of topics including Politics, Philosophy, Science, History and Tech, a friendly community, great moderation team, numerous roles, and game nights. Hope to see you here!
Gaming | Anime
just a cool server to meet people and see what happens