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Investing | Financial | Community
Best Discord Trading Server for Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto! Top analysts on Discord giving you daily trade ideas, insights and education helping you succeed.
Momentum Trades Discord Server Banner
Momentum Trades Discord Server Banner
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Investing | Financial | Community
Best Discord Trading Server for Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto! Top analysts on Discord giving you daily trade ideas, insights and education helping you succeed.
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Education | Community
Social. Learning. Fun. Vale is an active social club for people interested in cheerful banter along with discussion of current events and societal issues. The goal of Vale to simulate a university campus, where you can join clubs of interest, engage in civil debate, and meet people looking to better themselves.
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Community | Gaming
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── FullHoyo ── ⋅ ⋅──╯ FullHoyo is an all hoyo type of server that isn't single game specific. The server was made with the idea to cram all three (or four with ZZZ still out at the distance as of the moment) communities together. With the server still fresh, we're... Or I'm still looking for admins and moderators along with that, there is still more work to be done, and so I'm glad to receive any kind of suggestion to allow the server to strive forward better than before. As pointed out at the last text, the server is still fresh and so it's still missing a lot of required channels to make a server 'whole' but even then we already offer just enough things to make it work out! - | A fine number of emojis that are still currently being changed up to make it a fully custom list. For now credits go to GIED. (Genshin Impact Emotes Discord) - | An adequate amount of channels - | Level Roles so that people know that you're cool when they see you with a high rank! Because who doesn'
Political | Community
NEW WORLD ORDYR is a home for Rydro's community. The server is focused on politics, religion and social commentary. Rydro is a political commentator who focuses mostly on the politics of Iran, Palestine and sometimes the West Asian region as a whole. Sometimes he also makes satirical content about various topics which can also be non-political. As an ex-musician, he used to be a multi genre music producer. He produced melodic electronic music that was rich with emotions, including but not limited to — synthwave and deathdream.
Interfaith Harmony Icon
Community | Social
Simply put, a voice chat focused community to spark interfaith dialogue that is harmonious in nature rather than argumentative - to better understand each other in a world full of enmity
Death Star Icon
Community | Social
Welcome to Death Star Server ✨ (Discord Nitro Giveaways!!) 💫 The most active most vibrant community in the whole of Disboard 🌊🐠 🎤VC Channels always busy - very humble community ! 🥳♨️ If you're looking to have a chat with someone or debate or even learn a new language!, this is the server for you ! 🚀🏝️ What are you waiting for? ⏰ Join us and Welcome! 🎡🎢🎆
After Dusk Cafe Icon
Community | Mature
In Ancient Greece. an agora is an important public space that serves as the epicentre of public life, where people could socialize, network, trade, and hold discussions. Following that Ancient Greek spirit, After Dusk Café intends to be a hub where available knowledge and facts can be dissected with rational thinking and reasonable logic. A place that allows people to develop their own personal philosophy out of various ideas presented and gathered, determine which ideas are most strongly supported by the people, examine and deliberate the ideas against factual knowledge, and use a simple logic to find the true representative of their own will, beliefs and principles.
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Gaming | Programming
Welcome to Big Evolution Studios discord server! We are a Roblox game development team.
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Community | Social
A friendly, welcoming, and supportive community. Whether you’re questioning beliefs, contemplating coming out, exploring religions, philosophies, politics, or simply looking to share experiences with others and make new friends—Sol is a positive and safe environment with friendly members and attentive staff. If there is ever anything we may do to assist you—please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. ⭐️ Friendly ⭐️ Great staff ⭐️ Chill server ⭐️ Engaging chats ⭐️ LGBTQ+ welcome ⭐️ Nitro giveaways ⭐️ Many cool BOTs ⭐️ Modmail Support ⭐️ Reaction and leveling roles ⭐️ Pingable Voice Channel role ⭐️ Hundreds of custom emojis ⭐️ Exclusive—Friendly role locked channels 🛂 Must have a verified Discord account. 🛂 Must pass AltDentifier screen upon joining. ☮️ If you need assistance—please message Modmail or staff.
Canada through the times (CTTT) Icon
Community | Political
Fun community, full of fun people. Come experience Canada from the beginning. You can Alter and change history with your ideas, have political discussions. We are an accepting community where everyone is welcome. We start in 1867 you can form a political party and create your own party! You can have your own political career and more. You also get to help build the Canadian government from scratch.
discussion-FR Icon
"discussion-FR" est un serveur Discord avec une multitude de fonctionnalités intéressantes telles que ChatGPT et Midjourney. Ces fonctions sont alimentées par l'intelligence artificielle et permettent aux utilisateurs d'interagir avec les bots de manière plus naturelle et intuitive qu'auparavant . De plus, le serveur a également des canaux de discussion pour divers sujets, tels que les actualités numériques, les jeux vidéo, les médias sociaux et plus encore. Les utilisateurs peuvent également partager du contenu, des idées, des connaissances et des opinions entre eux. Dans l'ensemble, "discussion-FR" est un excellent endroit pour discuter de divers sujets en français et impliquer l'IA dans la discussion.
The Round Table Discord Server Icon
Social | Community
The Round Table is a platform that offers a space for people to engage in meaningful discussions and debates on a wide range of topics. From technology and science to politics and current events, our community welcomes diverse perspectives and encourages open dialogue. We believe in free speech and mutual respect, and strive to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Join us to expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore different points of view. Let's discuss and debate ideas for the ultimate gift of knowledge together.
Demilitarise Education Icon
Community | Education
Join the global peace force and work for a world where universities champion peace. dED is a community and guide for modern day peacemakers, working to see universities break their ties with the global arms trade. Join a community server of people working to untangle, expose and end these unethical partnerships and see universities focus on sustainable and peaceful initiatives. Engage in critical discussion, share your experiences, news and resources, and attend workshops and events to build skills needed to contribute to the movement to demilitarise education.
Furry Legion Icon
Furry | Art | LGBT
Furry Legion is an active and fast growing furry server aimed to create a positive and accepting place on Discord for furs, and non furs alike!
Furry Legion Discord Server Banner
Furry Legion Icon
Furry | Art | LGBT
Furry Legion is an active and fast growing furry server aimed to create a positive and accepting place on Discord for furs, and non furs alike!
Jazzyommunity Icon
Gaming | Community
-This server is for gaming as well as for communication for example to talk about games or something related to gaming I advise you to go to gaming channel and if you want to talk about what you want you go to discussion channel and for the others I let you discover
For the Love of Music Icon
Music | Community
Do love music? Do you love sharing music? Do you love discovering new music? For the Love of Music is the server for you! -5 different music bots -Share your favorite playlists -Self promo for boosters We're just starting out so come and help us lay the foundation for a great music sharing community!
Godless Debates Icon
Beliefs | Political | Community
ALWAYS ACTIVE!! Atheist vs Christian Philosophy debate community
Kingdom Vibes Icon
Community | Support
You ever feel alone, like you dont belong anywhere? We all have that sometimes, and whats a better cure for that then feeling welcome and appriciated. We in Kingdom Vibes are one big happy, and sometimes crazy (I mean really crazy) family. Everyone is welcome here, we are happy to have you here. So come on and join us in having a good times. Besides just the normal conversations we also organize the following activities: - Movie Nights - Music Nights - Among Us Nights - Skribble Nights And all kinds of other awesome activities, we are always looking for suggestions. Besides activities we also have things like a poetry channel, art channel, meme channel, truth or dare channel, and a casion for the dank memer bot. We also offer everyone funny and interessting facts, provided by our two smartass "professors". We hope you will give us the chance to meet all of you. We are looking forward to welcome you all in this big crazy, and maybe a bit messed up family.
Discuss Anything Icon
Growth | Community
▍What is this server about? ▍ If you are a person with a lot of thoughts, and want someone to read your ramblings and give you valuable criticism or have them share their different views. Then you found EXACTLY the server for you. I (oneirolocus#9125) was that person as well, that's why I created this server. ▍The Goal ▍ My goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to just rant about anything you want in your own dedicated place, and have people give you advice to help you grow as a person. ▍How does it achieve this goal? ▍ Every trusted member (which you can easily be) will have their own "rant" channel, for example James will have his very own #james-rants channel. There James can expose his thoughts to the rest of us. We will then voluntarily read them and give him our perspective and feedback, or help him out if he's in having a hard time. James will do the same for everyone else, if he wishes to do so.
Democrats in Discourse Icon
Political | Beliefs
Democrats in Discourse is an appropriately named server for liberals seeking refuge from political servers that descend into chaos. We entertain all sorts of political discussions and hope you enjoy your stay!
The Shrine Icon
Anime | Gaming | Community
Together, let's reunite in The Shrine! A community based server filled with friendly people! Here, feel free to discuss, play, and spend your greatest time into discord, and integrate the community of the shrine!
Kazuals Icon
Gaming | Fitness
Our Discord server is a non-toxic environment to discuss anything from what is happening in the world, your personal journey with food, fitness, gym, as well as gaming. We pride ourselves on keeping a open positive environment where everyone is welcome.
Discover Earth Icon
Science | Education
Discover Earth is a place to share the ✨ wonders of our planet & universe ✨ We’re a melting pot of nature nerds, astronomers, hikers, divers, nature photographers, scientists, meditators, pantheists, & more.
Art | Music
A rapidly growing Vaporwave themed chill community. 300+ members. Join and discuss anything in our wide variety of discussion channels.
Ezra's Temple Icon
LGBT | Beliefs
For all those who are weak and weary, take refugee in Ezra's Temple We are an all inclusive community of people who enjoy and partake in religion. We love to debate, discuss, and educate about all different type of topics and we would love if you joined us:)
Discussion Trkl Icon
Community | Memes
Salut a tous! Hesitez pas a nous rejoindre, on est une petite communauté former entre pote, Libre de parler de ce que vous voulez! Vous pouvez vous faire des amis, et peut etre plus qui sais, Vous pouvez aussi venir Voc, parler, jouer au jeux vidéo (on joue à tout) le serveur est simple et facile à comprendre.
FishWiki Icon
Hobbies | Pet Care | Community
Unite with other fish-crazy people, share tips, or ask about starting an aquarium! 🐠
FishWiki Discord Server Banner
FishWiki Icon
Hobbies | Pet Care | Community
Unite with other fish-crazy people, share tips, or ask about starting an aquarium! 🐠
The Strategy Server Icon
Gaming | Community
A server for discussing and playing HOI4! We play weekly, and the discussion never dies. Come on in! Join the fight or the forums!!!
Blue Politics Icon
Beliefs | Social | Political
Welcome to political discourse done right; an open forum and community for any kind of conversation, debate, or just hanging out, where civility is our top priority.
Evil Autism Icon
Community | Entertainment
Evil Autism Chat, Discussion, Interests, Memes, Photos, Pets and anything else Autism / ND related. Post your suggestions.
Dialogian Icon
Education | Language
Dialogian is an experimental movement, autodidact community, passion-project, & non-profit think tank. We focus on interpersonal communication with social meta-cognitive, meta-linguistic & psychological lenses. We are spearheading a cultural movement to mitigate a crisis in communication. Our community is looking for anyone (18+ only, minors are banned) willing to contribute ideas towards a crowd-sourced effort to refining an exhaustive model of analysis of miscommunication & approaches to conversations can tackle the below: People fail to understand & be heard by others when they have differences in lived-experiences, personalities, intuitions, social-skills, backgrounds, & personalized forms of language usage & interpreting associated meanings to any perceived words/behaviors. This phenomena does not just encompass feuding ideologies, advocacy groups, & political movements; this issue is essential to the conflict of interpersonal communication barriers among friends, family, & many
FFSociety Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Final fantasy all games discussion and help society. Here we all gather and talk about any Final Fantasy to help you achieve and get your outcome. Please join by comingo to
Cosmos University Icon
Beliefs | Technology
Cosmos University aims to unite bright minds, curious seekers, and ancient knowledge under a revolution in the understanding of our shared Universe.
Academic History Icon
Education | Entertainment
Tired of pop-history servers? This is a server built for those who majored in history, but open to all. Our focus is to develop a community for high-level discussion about historical and historiographical topics. We also stream movies and documentaries twice weekly.
Ex-æquo Icon
~~ Heyyy ! Coucou à toi, je te présente Ex-æquo ! ~~ Tu as envie de t'amuser ? Passer du bon temps ? T'éclater et te prélasser au soleil ? ☀️ Alors rejoins-nous, ici tu trouveras tout ce qu'il te faut ! Il y a des salons vocaux ? et des salons textuels ?️ pour tous les goûts. Que tu sois un homme ?, une femme ? ou même un extraterrestre ?, tu es le bienvenu ! En soi, tout le monde est le bienvenu ?, sauf les trolls ! Convivialité et amusement sont primordiaux ! Allez, assez bavardé, venez jeter un œil ?️‍?️ (même deux ?) et dites-nous ce que vous en pensez !
DOS Icon
LGBT | Community
Hello! Are you non-binary? Do you hold different opinions than the ones you commonly see online? Are you looking for a space where you can freely express your opinions? Then this place is for you! While this is a mostly non-binary server, we do accept binary trans people as well, and all are free to discuss trans and non-binary topics. Have fun!
~????? ?????~ Icon
Community | Social
Je te présente le serveur Pause canap, un serveur détente, chill, jeux de groupe etc.? C’est un serveur communautaire, notre but est d’avoir un groupe soudé, n’hésite donc pas à participer aux vocaux, jeux et discussions mise à disposition. Dans notre serveur tu pourras trouver des salons tels que des salons confessions intimes ou tu pourras nous présenter tes pires hontes ou encore des salons tel que morse et thread horreur ou tu pourras parler en morse avec les autres (code morse à disposition) et raconter tes pires histoires d’horreur aux autres membres du serveur.? Nous disposons également de roles-react pour que tu puisses nous en dire un peu plus sur nous en rejoignant le serveur.? Voilà j’espère que tout ça t’as convaincu en espérant te voir bientôt parmi la team pause canap !?
The Bonsai Clubhouse Icon
Gaming | Art
A cross-collaborative group-study-style server for new game developers AND experienced industry creatives alike to directly team up with each-other, seek advice, get support and creatively contribute in all areas for any side-gigs and pet projects! - Open to diverse backgrounds and experiences! (No NFTs) - Working on a game? Need advice? Getting started? Just eager to share? Show off what you got! - Ideal for game jam teams looking for a place to set up shop, stay connected AND continue connecting with folks looking for a team!
:thinking: Icon
Community | Entertainment
Have you looked at the sky and thought to yourself, hmm... is an orange called orange because it looks like orange or is orange called orange because orange is orange. Then you've come to the right place. Note: Voice chat encouraged
Memeplex Icon
Memes | Community
Memeplex is a very fast growing, unique meme server, where you can chat and share your meme library with thousands of members!
Memeplex Discord Server Banner
Memeplex Icon
Memes | Community
Memeplex is a very fast growing, unique meme server, where you can chat and share your meme library with thousands of members!
Paynefully Twisted Icon
Gaming | Music
If you're looking for a place to have wholesome discussions about gaming then your in the right place. Every day a new question will be asked so there's always something to talk about. We also analyze music, movies, and more. Also, don't forget to join in on our gaming debates.
Matrioshka brain Icon
Community | Technology
Matrioshka Brain is a server where you can hang out and have interesting discussions. We have channels where you can talk about interesting topics like technology, math, science, and even philosophy if you're into that. We also have channels for more creative topics, such as art, music, writing, and photography where you can share your work. Or if you just want to hang out that's also cool. We're a small server and are looking for new members who are interested.
Love For Film Icon
?Hello and welcome to Love For Film!? This is a server that is dedicated to all kinds of movies. It doesn’t matter if your a serious film enthusiast or just a casual enjoyer because in this welcoming community here at LFF, we want to dive into the world of film with you. If you love anything movie related, you’ve come to the right place. *we are now looking for future participants in our film World Cup and those who want to join our rec roulette* We have: -A welcoming community -Levels -Categories of all kind (film, reviews, sports, food, music, etc) -Film trivia -Roles -Letterboxd bot -Rec roulette -Emojis -Polls -Security
Hogsmeade Publishing Icon
Writing | Community
Hogsmeade Publishing, located at Office 323, Main Street, Hogsmeade, is the premier publishing house in the Wizarding World! Our extensive offices are the perfect place to meet other writers, discuss theory and lore, improve and share your writing, and publish your finished works! Get help in the PR department or hang out and participate in events to get those creative juices flowing! All HP nerds are welcome! **We do not do role-play!** - fun channels and roles! - weekly writing events, monthly prompts, and more! - nitro giveaways! - promote your fanfics! - discuss Harry Potter lore! - make friends!
armonia Icon
Beliefs | Community
Welcome to armonia! As our name indicates, our goal as a server is to bring together those who wish to connect with others and discuss ideas and understandings of their specific practices or religions. While the main focuses of this server are Buddhism and Paganism, any other faith or idea is welcome so long as it is not harmful and can be discussed in a respectful manner. As we are a young server, we are still growing and learning as time goes on. Many things will be added or changed as we grow as a community, if you have suggestions we would love to hear them! As of now we offer: - Extensive roles to choose from so that you can personalize your profile as much or as little as you'd like. - Many different chats to cater to your specific practice and help you find like-minded individuals. - Daily polls on various subjects both religious/serious and unserious in nature. - Friendly and understanding staff! - Debate and relaxed voice chats. - More coming as we grow, the more people
Community | Hobbies
...[ .SPOOP SOUP. ]...   A place where persons from all walks of the paranormal (after)life can come together and share their love for the bizarre and unexplained! Horror, mysteries, aliens, ghosts and ghouls, strange phenomena, oddities, witchcraft, creepypasta, SCP--If it's spoopy, we want it here! ━━━|┓...[ Basics ]... ┏|━━━ ◆ ?┃ New server! - Grow with us! ?┃ SFW (PG-13) ?️┃ English-speaking! ?┃ Friendly staff! ?┃ International! ✅┃ Verified membership! ?┃ LGBTQ+ friendly! ?┃ Nitro boosted! ?┃ Spoopy emojis! ━━━|┓...[ Highlights ]... ┏|━━━ ◆ ?┃ Story sharing! ?️┃ Event hosting! ?┃ Open discussion! ?┃ Spoopy reads! ?┃ Movie nights! ?┃ Spoopy gaming! ?┃ Arts and crafts! ?┃ Content features! ?┃ Challenges and contests! ?┃ Nitro awards! ━━━|┓...[ Bonus ]... ┏|━━━ ◆ ?┃ Partnership opportunity! ?┃ Self-promo! ⬆️┃ Leveling! ⭐┃ Starboard! See you on the other side, spoops! ? Join our humbling, haunted home!
The Wild West philosophy server Icon
Beliefs | Social
Howdy! Do you like philosophy? If ya do, then, why don’t you mosey on down to the wild Wild West philosophy server! Despite it’s name, this server doesn’t only welcome western philosophers, or just philosophers in general. Everybody and anybody are welcome! This server is a light hearted hootinany for all people who like philosophy, discussion, conversation and (dare I suggest) fun. Oh, and yeah, this server also has a gimmick…. I mean *THEME*! Of being set in the Wild West! Because of this Wild West theme, the server has a few interesting quirks. For example: We have a “saloon” channel, which is meant for anyone who has had a few drinks and wants some company. (although all are welcome!) We also have a “meet at high noon” channel, Any members of the server who feel a bit too riled up can have at it in an old fashioned (text) brawl. If this seems at all enticing, then come on down to our server!
Politics & Philosophy Icon
Political | Education
Politics, philosophy, discussions, debate and link sharing and discovery for grown ups. Server requires you be 18+ to access the channels, but no NSFW content.
Community | Memes
Hello and welcome to The V A P O R R O O M S! In here, talk about whatever you wish! Maybe you want to talk about your favorite anime? We have it! You want to find people to maybe play a game with? We have it too! It may not be a big server, but it gets bigger with every member. Also, we don't tolerate any sort of discrimination here. I'll send you to the backrooms myself.
Discussions FR Icon
Community | Language
Rassembler des francophones • discussions variées • apprendre le français Bringing together francophones • various discussions • learn french
Social | Entertainment
A social server for people with too little friends and too much time! This server has a growing community and stuff! The server has unique features (probably) and doesn’t completely suck! You can expect at least a not terrible server! Now I am gonna stop making promises because there are not that many to make.
Posit Icon
Social | Beliefs
Hello and welcome to the Philosophical Organization Seeking Indomitable Truth. POSIT is a free forum of discussion, and at its core is an inner circle of skilled Magi. To these selectively appointed individuals, found to be such through strict examination, there are myriad resources available: -A library of articles and books for one's mystical edification -The limited sharing of dangerously esoteric material -Advanced metaphysical discussion in VC and text -Exchanging of divination and astrological readings Again, this is a strictly curated and hand-picked community which is very much a family. Friends, proven adepts, and even the friends of friends will be welcomed with open arms. The unknown and anonymous, however, must prove themselves. "And thence, brothers, will transpire a Great Awakening, the Spirit of Truth will again be with the Sons of Man, and Greater Works than these shall thee perform."
UK Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community | Social
An 18+ UK Gaming server where we host gaming events, chat & game all hours of the day/night! This server is safe-for-work (SFW); we feel that the community is better just being for adults. We are a very friendly bunch and would love you to join us. Also, we accept international members! Thanks <3
UK Gaming Discord Server Banner
UK Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community | Social
An 18+ UK Gaming server where we host gaming events, chat & game all hours of the day/night! This server is safe-for-work (SFW); we feel that the community is better just being for adults. We are a very friendly bunch and would love you to join us. Also, we accept international members! Thanks <3
Political Square Icon
Political | Community
The focus of this server is political and other debate. We do what we can to allow as much as possible, while still remaining within Discord community guidelines. - No banned topics - No censored words & phrases - Ask Me Anything and Stage events - Fun channels (gaming, food, memes, music, photography, tests, test-results, starboard) - Giveaways - Moderation not discretion-based (eliminates unfairness) - Progressive system provides leniency for minor issues - Suggestive content is allowed but not nudity/porn - Do not (in text, voice, or media) encourage, promote, advocate for or suggest for someone to commit suicide or harm themselves - Do not (in text, voice, or media) encourage, promote, justify, advocate for or express approval of (neo-)nazism, rape, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia or sexual activity between an adult and a person under 18 - Considering partnership opportunities - Attention to detail - Active and mature moderation
Eternal - Communautaire Icon
YouTuber | Gaming
? Bonjour à tous et à toutes ! ? Vous souhaitez rejoindre un serveur avec pour but le fun ? ? Vous souhaitez partager votre passion des animés/mangas ou encore des jeux vidéos ? ?? Vous souhaitez partager vos créations musicaux/artistiques ? ?? Mais aussi un serveur organisant des events dès que possible et de tout genre ? ? Alors n'attendez plus et rejoignez ce serveur ! Il s'agit avant tout d'un serveur au staff agréable, un serveur où l'on peut partager ses passions et discuter de tout et de rien. Un serveur où des events sont organisés si nous voyons que les membres en veulent ! ? Qu'attendez-vous donc pour nous rejoindre ? Venez ! ?
r/ActualHippies Icon
Community | Education
Welcome to the r/ActualHippies Discord server! The server for the modern counterculture and all things hippie; Beautiful music & art, fashion, hippie culture, spirituality, self-discovery, hallucinogens, psychedelia, peace, love, etc. An oasis of positivity.
Political | Education
Bezzie chums Icon
Community | Gaming
Hey, Bezzie chums is a server to find people with the same interests as you like gaming, online shopping or simply, to make friends. We have game nights and group activities every now and then so if you are interested you can always try. We are : ☆ toxic free community ☆ welcoming ☆ lgbtq+ friendly ☆ looking for staff and mods
Shounen Jump Icon
Anime | Gaming
More than a club this is a Guild who believe in power of friendship! We know this ideology is kinda stupid but I think being weird and stupid is fun, because why not be yourself? So Welcome to our Anime Place. Enjoy your time here We Live Stream The Best Latest Anime And also hold Giveaways of Crunchyroll, VRV, Anime Lab,etc ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????: - ????? - ????? - ????? - ????? - ?????? ????? - ??? ?? ???-?????? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ? ????? ?? ???? ????? ?????, ????? ?????, ?????, ?? ??? ???? ?? ????????. ???, ????? ??? ????????? ??? ??? ?? ????? ????? ?? ???? ????? ????. ?? ????? ????? ?????????. ?? ????, ?? ???? ????? ??? ??????! ??? ???
192.4 NOIZ FM Icon
Music | Streaming
Join us every MON, WED, FRI @ 9:30P (CST) for NOIZ FM Radio! Listen, request and enjoy a grand variety of music and sounds. ALL music is welcome!
One Piece Club Icon
Anime | Community
We have a welcoming community ready to help asap! We all love talking about One Piece and add more to the server whenever I get new ideas or you can give me some in the suggestions channel!
DTS Trading Community Icon
Crypto | Community
DTS is a Cryptocurrency trading community-centered discussion and learning group. Our aim is to teach our members to the fundamentals of trading in this volatile space by providing learning resources and posting Technical Analysis for everyone to follow. We have optional TA calls but the main focus is on discussion around trading and helping each other to become better traders.
☕ ??? ??????  Cat Lounge Icon
Community | Gaming
You have been invited to join Cat Lounge! We're a cozy server with cool bots and many channels. We also have a bot which allows you to make your own voice channel! You can even pick some cool roles! Also, we like cats. But you don't have to like them. Basically JOIN THE SERVER JOIN THE SERVER JOIN THE SERVER WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF JOIN JOIN JOIN!!1
AUSPOL | Australian Politics Icon
Political | Role-Playing
An Australian Political Discussion and Mock Parliament Server. Join a party, run for elections, and discuss the going ons in Aussie politics.
Discordia Icon
Anime | Growth
A small server as of right now. We want to grow and eventually have a flourishing community where we can all hang out and just have fun together.