Social | Science
Social, science, computers, programming, coding, classical music, opera, classic films, comics, eyebleach, movies, fantasy, scifi, memes & general nerdy things. We have lots of science channels and other study interests. Is a SFW server.
Programming | Technology
We are a discord server for receiving and giving help on C and C++, feel free to stick around and join in a programming discussion :)
Social | Anime
Serveur pour les Français en confinement
Gaming | Community
Hello reader, This is a discord server for content creators, here we have discussions about games content and much more. We also help each other to have a good time together. This is not only a server for the "normal" person, but also for the one who likes to belong somewhere. I'd love to see you in the server. Greetings the Admin.
Community | Social
Comunidade focada na interação entre usuários, discussões sobre diversos temas, e acima de tudo o respeito para com todos! Venha se juntar a comunidade PURPLE! NOVAS MUDANÇAS E PROCURAMOS EQUIPE!
Community | Gaming
➖COMMUNAUTÉ DE GAMING actif et énormément pipelette avec une grosse notion d’humour à vous partager ! (: ✔️Regroupant des joueurs(es)de différentes plateformes. ❕ Une simple présentation écrite vous sera demander avant d’accéder à la totalité du serveur (pour but d’améliorer l’entente ADMIN-MEMBRE) 🧡
Community | Growth
Welcome to Luminous! We are a social community where we engage in casual activities and explore our journeys in growing to be the best version of ourselves.
Community | Support
fibromyalgia, invisible illness group
Education | Writing
Здравствуй! Этот сервер целиком посвящен литературе: русской и зарубежной; нон-фикшн книгам, художественным произведениям и другим текстовым форматам. Здесь ты сможешь рассказать про книжки, понравившиеся тебе, и обсудить любимых авторов. Также участники сервера выбирают лучшие книги для совместного чтения и делятся впечатлениями во время и после того, как прочитали. Добро пожаловать!
Community | Meme
Haven is a small server looking for more members to hang out and participate in some chill conversations. Hop in for guaranteed comfy vibes!
Community | Political
3 Words - Shitposting - Shitposting - Shitposting As such, pretty much everything goes, we try to be an alright buch who welcomes anyone. And to this end, we even differing minds of those on the very fringes of the left, gotta some trash on all sides for some proper shitposting after all.
Community | Entertainment
fun, cool community, lotsa friends, dating and all that good stuff. come over and join peeps. Do mind the toxic environment though, but even with all that it's a pretty fun place to be in. Come and check it out!
Gaming | Social
GamesVille 🕹️ is a community server all about gaming. We're a relatively new server so do not expect a very big and bold server. We are still getting on our feets.
Music | Social
Music, thrash metal, Kreator, metal discussions
Social | Entertainment
A server you can chill on and hang out with your friends and if you don't have any, you'll make some there! Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules :)
Community | Social
Join us for intellectually stimulating environment
Social | Political | Community
Intellectual Debates is a Discord server centered around civil discussions and debates. We look for decent debaters, as well as people seeking to improve by debating others. Intellectual Debates also has a ranking system based off someone's ability to debate and defend their points.
Anime | Community
One Piece server theme; we gather all the fans of this story in a place where you can join factions, participate in weekly polls, test your knowledge in trivias every week and have a chapter discussion up to date!
Entertainment | Hobbies | Community
An interactive server that is perfect for everybody with a range of different topics and events suitable for everyone's needs
Community | Gaming
🧠 ~Endeavor for Knowledge~🧠 ༺༻ ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ - One of the best Discord servers to learn and have fun -Assistance -Advice This server was genuinely made for the spread of knowledge, If you are a person who enjoys civil discussions that require brain storming then you are more than welcome to join this server. A wise man once said “Knowledge is Power” and whoever you are I believe that knowledge will ultimately benefit you in the future. Join this server and become a knowledgeable acolyte. ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀
Music | Community
A book club of sorts, but for albums. We do weekly albums from various genres and collectively discuss and rate them. There are also channels for off-topic discussions.
Community | Gaming
*Elistoria was formed to pursue the remains of the avatar of final destruction; our quest lies in finding its coffin. The end will begin once it is found.* We're more like a general hub for everyone in any interest. A tavern, an inn, or heck a mercenary group. Swords, Magic, Guns, Anime, or general randomness. Go nuts. We'll await your arrival!
Community | Social
Croeso/Welcome! This is a Welsh community for anyone in, or interested in Wales!
Social | Gaming
Friendly community. Intriguing discussions. International discorders. A place for everyone to be positive!
Education | Social
UPSC Exam discussion, general topics, tips, tricks, everything and anything related to UPSC. If you feel server is incomplete feel free to suggest.
Education | Political
Nonpartisan political discussions and explanations on how politics affects us daily.
Community | Social
Hey everyone, new server. Hoping for this server to be a pretty chill community where we can allow many different discussions across different channels for various topics. If you want a channel to be put into place just dm me and I’ll see what I can do.
Community | Gaming
Envis de faire grandir vos chaînes twitch et youtube? Notre communauté t'apportera son aide
Community | Social
A chill place to meet similar people and talk to different people. Our main goal is to create a place for all different kinds of people to talk freely and have interesting discussions (politics, religion, etc), make friends, and just have fun. The server was originally directed to MENA and arabs but everyone is welcome. We accept all minorities (literally everyone so please come). Seshat is the Egyptian goddess of writing, knowledge, and wisdom
Community | Gaming
Fun and chilled community where everyone is welcome. We have custom Roles and Color for Veterans, top quality emotes, our own bot, Quote of the Week, our own currency and much more!