The Unusual Lounge is a server focused on discussion about anime, manga and video games. We aim to create a friendly and chill environment for all fans alike to meet new friends and to discuss their favorite series. The server is run by two admins, and is strictly SFW. 🌱 Reaction roles 🌱 Weekly anime and manga recommendations 🌱 Weekly questions about varying subjects 🌱 Movie nights We hope to see you in the Unusual Lounge! 🌸
Fun and chilled community where everyone is welcome. We have custom Roles and Color for Veterans, top quality emotes, our own bot, Quote of the Week, our own currency and much more!
We are a discord server for receiving and giving help on C and C++, feel free to stick around and join in a programming discussion :)
please come join me where we do pretty much everything here and if you dont like what you see then just leave
The Gamers' Lounge— A close-knit community constantly welcoming newcomers with open arms. Here, you'll find people to talk to, play and connect with from all over the world! Anyone is welcome! We're also looking to host community events and tournaments in the long run!
Comunidade focada na interação entre usuários, discussões sobre diversos temas, e acima de tudo o respeito para com todos! Venha se juntar a comunidade PURPLE! NOVAS MUDANÇAS E PROCURAMOS EQUIPE!
➖COMMUNAUTÉ DE GAMING actif et énormément pipelette avec une grosse notion d’humour à vous partager ! (: ✔️Regroupant des joueurs(es)de différentes plateformes. ❕ Une simple présentation écrite vous sera demander avant d’accéder à la totalité du serveur (pour but d’améliorer l’entente ADMIN-MEMBRE) 🧡
Vegan ve diğer beslenme şekilleri hakkında bilgi alabileceğiniz, tartışabileceğiniz bir topluluk.
Hello everybody, and welcome to HORN Baddies & Co. Previously a MENA server, we were invaded by the whites. King Solomon did say history repeats itself, so no one is quite shocked by this. The server has mostly morphed into a group of friends having very interesting discussions, topics among politics, religion, philosophy, with the occasional lonely and horny posting; hence our name. If you have the stomach to stay, we would love to have you.
NALGADA is a society, not a secret one, but a public one. We will help you with everything. Don't feel alone, join our voice channels. Have a talk. Play games or even make homework together. We do everything together. By joining NALGADA you will unlock things that you have dreamed of. Currently we are working on a big project. When this project is finished it will be free for everyone who is in the Discord server. Never be alone, own the unknown. ~NALGADA
Welcome to Luminous! We are a social community where we engage in casual activities and explore our journeys in growing to be the best version of ourselves.
It is like a book club, but for video games!
fun, cool community, lotsa friends, dating and all that good stuff. come over and join peeps. Do mind the toxic environment though, but even with all that it's a pretty fun place to be in. Come and check it out!