Heartwood is a 5e compatible fantasy role-playing campaign setting designed for new and veteran players alike. Explore the exotic world of Heartwood with groups of all sizes to discover new unique races, monsters, and spectacular flora.

 Join our Discord server for all things 5e homebrew.
Heartwood is a 5e compatible fantasy role-playing campaign setting designed for new and veteran players alike. Explore the exotic world of Heartwood with groups of all sizes to discover new unique races, monsters, and spectacular flora.

 Join our Discord server for all things 5e homebrew.
We have alot of bots including:pokecord, mundane, idle rpg, and many more Growing community+new positions for admins and helpers.Now with new Text base RPG
Cyberpunk, literate roleplay server with active staff, friendly community, quests and allowance of casual and story based rp. We have our own wiki of lore and an optional dnd campaign.
Creative Corner is a server where everyone can share their creative mediums! Some of the mediums we cover include: -Art -Writing -DnD -Coding -Video Production -Crafts -Welding -Woodworking -Baking -Cooking -Photography -Origami -Music -And many others!
Hello and welcome ^^ Flames of green (FoG for shot) is a lesbian hangout place full of lovely people. We got 🤗 Lovely community 🤗 everyone is really friendly and tolerant. You will be able to find yourself at home and quite a few friends before you even notice! 💚 Green Maid 💚 a lovely little homemade bot and server mascot. With her silly chatter, she is quickly becoming a community favourite. She can also get quite lewd in nsfw chats for those interested 👀. ☄️ Daily conversion ☄️ every day, we have two prompts to discuss. One sfw and another nsfw (it has opt-in ping). 🎭 Role-playing 🎭 be it writing or reading. I'm sure you will find your fill. 🎲 Table Top RPGs inclouded. 🌈 Memes 🌈 we all know Lesbian memes are the best memes. Therefore we dedicated ourself 🔥 Nudes 🔥 for adults amongst you. Few of us like to show off, and 💎 Verus other things 💎 wifu collecting game, contests, sharing art, vanity roles, harems and more!
Dungeons & Dragons server for people who play on Roll20.
I got tired of joining technology/gaming servers that were too full, or full of kids you would hear saying the n word over and over in Call of Duty. So I made my own. Do you just want a place to come to after a long day of work or school, and just socialize with like-minded people? Them come in and say 'hi.'. Even if you don't stay.
d&d Discord Server. Hosting server for campaigns. Community Server. Helping out newer players to learn how to play.
⚫It's a D&D server in which we host games or just chat in general and are looking for players and especially Dungeon Masters! ⚫ We're a very rules light server, we don't prohibit a lot of language (Besides the obvious), have a high tolerance for bullshittery before joining ⚫ We are always looking to host new games and meet new people to just generally hang out with. So feel free to pop in and say hello! We would welcome you to stay longer ⚫ Alternating server themes ⚫ We have an already established small community who talks daily and admins to help out when ever! ⚫ Music bots and some D&D bots! ⚫ Open to changes and suggestions as we grow to better our selves! Hope you consider us! Thanks.
Memes, Emojis, Roleplay, Gaming, Bots, Anime.. You name it, we probably have it.
Play by post RPG server. Play 5e, Pathfinder, Powered by the Apocalypse and other great role-playing games in this friendly, inclusive server run by Roll 4 It Dice. Over 50 games, 500 members. Also chat channels for various topics from Neurodiversity to video games Also get access to flash sales, special promotions and more from the Roll 4 It Dice company. roll4itdice.com
Ayrith is a DnD rp server built by a lore junkie and a DnD fanatic. We would love more active people to join, custom lore, custom maps, and plenty of room!
The Town of Lataniel is full of adventures and people. People from all over the world come to visit out cozy little home. There is Many chats, role play opportunity and partnering abilities. We welcome streamers in chat, and just people who want to learn about D&D and Roleplaying. We welcome (Almost everyone) You will be banned if you send Child related NSFW and ever even so allude to being a Pedosexual.
UK/Euro Dungeons and Dragons Discord Server - Run / Play all formats of DnD Games!
Welcome! Here in this server you can find new campaigns, hangout, advertise your dnd servers/campaigns. We are currently looking for Admins as well as Partners! •LGBTQ+ Friendly •Friendly Staff •14+ Server •We will host events and have our own campaigns held by fellow DMs!
Hello there, are you looking for friendly people to share your interests? Look no further than Nerd's Nook! We are a bunch of people who love talking about things from art, photography, YouTube, DnD to sharing pictures of our adorable pets! Don't see a channel you like? We have a channel to make suggestions in! Join us for some good laughs!
Role play server featuring an alternate history to the middle ages. The twist? Mythological creatures.
Looking for Players and DM Hey! We are Reality Break! A server of D&D players with the goal of making D&D accessible to anyone at any time. Anyone can join in on the fun! Hope to see you in our server!
rolplay, rol , rol de mesa, dungeons and dragons, d&d, dnd, pathfinder, call of cthulu, coc, vampire: the mascarade, world of darkness.
a chat based roleplay server using dnd mechanics, using avrae and d&d bot for characters( can use either) we dont have many people atm
Partial to cats, but will tolerate dogs (love fluffy) join us OwO or else! We here at The Arc asks you to come and join our growing community of gamers, meme lovers, and all around activities. There are many accommodations such as roles, meme channels, gaming discussions, music and voice channels, and we play DnD. This is a close knit community and we're looking for people to join in on the memes and trolling. If you are active enough, you get more rewards, fun and can even become an admin. Hope to be seein you at The Arc! We are just starting and would love everyone's input as well.
A place where all D&D nerds are welcomed and are able to participate in oneshots or just chill and talk about everything D&D.
A Roleplaying magic fantasy server where you get freechoice of the genre, want a peaceful slice of life rp? come on down! want an action filled adventure based genre? Come on in! we have it all! so come check us out if ya want
welcome to the nest of iroelor! we are a dungeons and dragons server aimed towards younger players (mostly teenagers). with the constant growth of young d&d players, some may feel discouraged to play with the lack of players in their age range. playing with adults can be awkward for most, so the nest of iroelor was created to help combat that! we host campaigns, contests, and provide a safe, friendly community for those looking to get into d&d or for those who already play. we welcome players of all experience levels, so feel free to join!
Looking for an active DND 5e and other table top game server? What a community to make friends and have a good time? Well we are that we have DND 5e games running as wells some others. We are actively growing and have a group of stable people constantly playing games and just chatting. Please come join us a d take a look around!
An RPG server based off of D&D. No strict campaign so all are welcome.
An ongoing roleplay, in a gritty fantasy world. Create characters, write stories, run quests.
We are a discord server created by a group of friends to promote and facilitate the wonderful world of TableTop Role Playing Games among all skill levels.