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Hello, Im here from the ForgottenPVP staff team. We are a faction server that is releasing on June 6th and want you to play on it. We have custom enchants, koths, envoys, outposts, mobcoins, battlepass, 10+ faction tools, 10+ custom creeper eggs, faction upgrades, f shop, balanced economy and much more. On release you will get a royal crate in the first hour of the server and if you join our discord you will get a special key the first day. There will be a f top prize of $500 USD split between the top 5 factions. Once again I hope to see you on and the release is on June 6th, 3PM EST IP:
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Osmium Network is a 1.7/1.8 UHC Network with other game modes including KitPvP and Practice. Join our discord for giveaways, announcements & UHC game feed: 🕹Server IP: 🌍Website: 💸Store:
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This is official Oitcr Discord server. Here you will find out about new updates, sneak peaks, etc. Oitcr is a fairly popular duels server on Minehut and our community is actively growing. Versions: Java 1.8x-.1.16.1 Bedrock Edition Here at Oitcr, we strive for fairness and balanced gameplay. This means no pay to win and everyone has the same gear. It's pretty fun to practise your skills on and it doesn't seem to get boring after a while.