RDQDC is a carry server (NOT A CLAN OR GUILD) that offers carries free of charge. Game nights with rewards, high level giveaways, and robux contests happen frequently. We are an active server, if you're interested in just talking and hanging out, join up!
Tired of grinding for gear and not receiving the best? Well here is your solution to your problems! The Current Features we offer: ◦Giveaways ◦Invite Rewards ◦Partnerships ◦Marketplace ◦Fun Bots Join our community, and enjoy the things we have now!
Official ShadowPupGaming server. ShadowPupGaming is a ROBLOX based streamer and YouTuber. Come join us and have some fun!
Dungeon Quest Community Server
This Server is a New Made Dungeon Quest Community Server and we made it with hard effort. -Special Thanks to Leon the 2nd Owner who Thought me this game and Carried me further.
This Server is a New Made Dungeon Quest Community Server and we made it with hard effort. -Special Thanks to Leon the 2nd Owner who Thought me this game and Carried me further.
Roblox Dungeon Quest group, also the POITY1 FAN GROUP. Giveaways, raids, trading, etc.
Want to join a new roblox related discord server which is my official youtube discord server??? Interested in playing Dungeon Quest??? Then this is the server for you! I also hold robux giveaways and we have hosts for Dungeon Quest.
⚔️ Welcome to DQC! ⚔️ Here you can: Trade, sell, and buy! 💰 Meet and interact with other DQC players! 👬 Attend private DQC games hosted by us! 😊 Enter giveaways for sword, spells, armor, and sometimes robux! 💴 ————————————————— Invite your friends for invite rewards! Will you be our top inviter? 💵 Owned by Shealyn and Sar.
A discord community for the RPG Roblox game 'Dungeon Quest'! Come here to trade and sell your items, participate in giveawys and find carries!
A server for dungeon quest grinding/trading/carrying
Vintage Vile We’re a Very active Discord server For mainly anything. The server was created nearly a Week ago and we’re currently at 900 members, hopefully we can get to 1,000? — Everyone in our server are very friendly. — Moderation is on point. — Giveaways are Legit. Superiority ~Moderators are active! ~I do a bunch of Giveaways/Events and Game nights. -My Moderators will also be hosting Events, etc. Server will also soon be changing soon such as.. -New Gfx/Logo designer will be getting work done for the server. -More activity and giveaways and events will be held. Trivia included. -It will be more then just a Gaming discord server. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE - Role section for #roles and #color as asked -Read the #rules and be sure not to bypass any section -In the #Announcement there will be important things, which is why its called Announcements. -And as always, stay fresh and Hit that Join button! :D
***`Dungeon Grinders`*** ***=============================*** ***`RULES`*** -Representable Self-Roles ✅ -Friendly Staffs ✅ -YT, Twitch, and Twitter ✅ -Gaming ✅ -Giveaways ✅ -Memes ✅ -Bots ✅ -Partnership ✅ ***=============================*** ***`FAQ`*** What is Dungeon Grinders? ***Dungeon Grinders is a server that involves gaming, loyal staffs, activities, communications, and more!*** If I am bored or have nothing to do? Is this a good place to be in? ***Yes, we highly guarantee that this is a good place to be in unless you're really willing to join.*** ***=========================================================================*** Server Link: https://discord.gg/d7JEuaM
Dungeon Quest Fan Community, > Active Giveaways. > Raids. > Carrying any dungeon > MUCH MORE!
Hi welcome to dq carry service. This server is meant to be for ppl who are struggling with dungeon quest and meed help. - We have freindly staff -We also are hiring - And all our carries will be done quickly Have a nice time
Dungeon Quest and Ninja Legends community and giveaways.