Ce serveur est un serveur pour la détente. Tout le monde est le bienvenu sur ce serveur pour profiter des membres, des bots, des mini-jeux et pleins d'autres choses comme par exemple venir ecouter et partaher de la musique où des blagues. On vous attends pour venir découvrir tour ça. À tout de suite.
HI! This server is a social server. In here you will meet alot of good, friendly people! We have : - Helpful and humoristic staff! - Many interesting bots, so you wouldn't get bored! - Funny custom emoji's! - A lot of text/voice chats! - A server economy! - Music! - Channel for your advertisement, where you can put your (ex. k.pop videos) - Channel for your suggestions so our server's future is in your hand! - Memes and jokes! - Anime! and much more! We want to get more pepole to this server so it will not be boring because new pepole = more fun! We have really friendly staff that you can hang out with and you can also play with us games for ex. : Garry's mod. Oh and also have i told you that we have anime nad k.pop fans ! If you like anime COME TO US! Remember, We do not care about your race and your wealth, everybody is welcome here! Oh and if you join don't forget to read the rules!
Somos una comunidad argenta que se la pasa jugando a diversas cosas, asi que no dudes en pasarte!
A server for those who want to chat and lounge around with a growing community. Kind of like a casual park, really. *quack*
『 stardust 』 est. 4/20/19 ヾღ彡 ˚₊✩‧ a fresh, new server ˚₊✩‧ will accept anybody (regardless of race, sexuality, etc.) as long as you're not problematic ˚₊✩‧ plenty of organized roles & channels including: ⤷ support channels (venting, positivity, advice, etc.) ⤷ bots & designated bot channels ⤷ hobby & interest roles + channels ⤷ fandom roles + channels ⤷ zodiac sign roles ˚₊✩‧ partnerships (we're desperate) ˚₊✩‧ discuss pretty much anything freely & not that much else :^) ヾღ彡
We provide the best service/opportunity https://discord.gg/rWwuhkB
League of Legends
Somos uma comunidade com intuito de reunir a galera para jogar, conversa, compartilhar tudo sobre universo gamer e etc. Nossa comunidade tem vários tipos de entretenimentos. ( bate papo, musicas, jogatinas, dicas, notícias, promoções, sorteios, site oficial e muito mais.)
Cod4 , Apex , Csgo Etc Join and have fun
Join and come and enjoy with us